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  2. I believe you deserve an unban. I made a similar mistake and killed 3 Class-D without warning them beforehand and it resulted in a permanent ban as expected. I can see you didn't MRDM on purpose and you just didn't know the rules well enough, I recommend you go over them while you wait for results on this appeal so when you get unbanned you don't find yourself in another admin sit. Good luck with your appeal!
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  4. guys have you played begotten it's a really cool rp gamemode
  5. I'm sorry but that was no "mistake", when I TP'd you to the sit you never mentioned any of that and answered to my "Stop with that stuff" with a "Ooooh okay".
  6. -1 Swedish Norwegians are better but with all seriousness +1 well written application and Malte you are a piece of s*it saying that Sweden is better than Norway
  7. +1 i wouldnt say that that is his fault, he didnt know that he was spamming the chat, he thought he gave the person his ID.
  8. +1 To harsh punsihment for "flooding the chat" Even tho he wanted to show him the id and it didn't work out.
  9. Your In-game name: Marc Borsche -/- Deitrich Borsche Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:176794278 Reason of the ban: "Flooding the chat with /showid's" Date you were banned on: 01.08.2021 Duration of ban: 35-36 hours Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Daniel Barberi Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: Basically what happend was that i was playing as RAD and farming and chilling inside the Farm, all of the sudden a guy shows up inside and of course what i do i gun point him and i ask for his ID, he told me himself that he did but i didn't get it, so i tried giving him mine but it surely didn't work, and of course it was in the middle of the night where i am a little uncontrolled, i spammed it to him so it came in the chat, i noticed that i spammed him a short time before i was bringed to a sit (This is where Barberi comes in), didn't say a word except for (You were flooding the chat with "/showid", example coming at the end of the story) i was trying to explain my side of the story but didn't have time to do or say anything because he just completely ignored me. So i was trying to talk to him while the time being on the roof but still didn't get no answers. Example: /showid Do you think your ban was justified: No. Why should you be unbanned: Because all i did was trying to help a guy with the ID which appearently didn't work out. Any kind of evidence: No, didn't have time to take any evidence before i got frozen and banned. Additional information: N/A
  10. Let me give you a hint on the answer. Smicht Maier, STEAM_0:1:539707255. He was crying earlier today on the server calling the admins nazis and power hungry until someone told him he could make a report on the forums and well... Looks like he wasted his chance to do something good.
  11. bruh this shit isnt SCP rp Redacted shit put yo name and Steam ID in there nig -1
  12. -1 bansheey is a proud Fepo member and would never staff abuse
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  14. Neutral/-1 While I am leaning towards neutral as I may be misunderstanding what you are saying, I am also slightly considering a -1 as I believe in the eyes of the SMT witnesses are insufficient proof as they may lie. Regarding the post, what I understand is you were trying to gunpoint an EM (enlisted man) and then he was warned for breaking FearRP or something? (Idk if the warn was valid myself as theres not enough proof here, in case that is the abuse, if so he would just apply for an unban/unwarn request) Your post, and I do not mean to rude, was just hard to read (which just may be due to the fact that its late and I'm tired, lol,) and I personally dont understand what the staff abuse was, so if you could please clarify that would be nice. Thanks
  15. +1 Drakan is a good and worthy guy for O5 from my experiences with him.
  16. 6 People is even worse, thanks for your improvement.
  17. Hello, you've attached a link of your steam profile, your steamID is actually this; STEAM_0:1:63044060 Also the ban was for MRDM, looking here you killed six people, not three. It's good that you recognise what you did was wrong and the consequences of it, and I wish you good luck with your appeal.
  18. Hello mr Biotech Section Leader, may I get Surgeon rank, I can rp very good.

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      cry about it cockroach looking ass

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      Nathan Kennedy

      clearly you're not hear to roleplay

    4. Kvisten
  19. +1 I agree 100% but its a harland thing to deal with so idk if it will be accepted
  20. -1 No Thanks! I don't really care about O5 roleplay as I find it mostly a waste of time, but I think according to your own logic you would be a bad choice for the council. You can be powerhungry You would cause division Whether by any fault of your own or not you attract drama. (I know sneed said they would leave you alone, but who knows that can change in a second.) I do not hate you, I've had some enjoyable moments with you on the server, but from what I've spoke to you in DMs and how you present yourself I think there are other candidates who would be more suited for the job.
  21. Server you got banned from: - Werwolfgaming SCP Roleplay.Your name in-game: - Manni Giovanni.Your SteamID: - - STEAM_0:1:63044060Admins' name that banned you: - Not given.Admin's steamID: - Not given.Why did you get banned?: - I killed multiple d classes (6) without a reason (RDM). This ban was my own fault.Evidence(Un-necessary): - Not availableWhy do you deserve to be unbanned?: - I mostlikely ruined the gameplay of those guys that i killed without a good reason, im sorry for that. We had a verbal discussion which got out of hand, and i took advantage of the situation because "i was the guard with a gun" foolish decision.... Before this accident i always tried to deliever high quality Roleplay with everybody on this server, it honestly was a great time! I admit that i made a huge mistake and i hope you can give me one more chance, i learned from my mistake.Anything else?: - The ban is from April (3 months ago). Thanks for reading my uban request, im from Germany so please dont judge my English skills :). Have a good evening/day. - Lucas
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