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  2. -1 1) Sorry but all I have seen from you is minging on orpo. 2) You have a lot of warns and you got another one yesterday (On the 21st) for Prop Minge 3) Although this is not a major thing you also have a low rank suggesting you might not have much experience. Good luck either way.
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  4. Star Wars RP Rules and Regulations Updated by Spades: Last updated - 21/10/21 Section 1 - General Rules 1.1 - RDM 1.1.1 - As a Storm Trooper or Sith, you need permission to kill anyone, exceptions to this are to fire back on event characters and Criminals, if they attack first. Killing prisoners without permission is RDM. 1.1.2 - Criminal jobs cannot randomly attack people, they must have a valid reason to do so. 1.1.3 - Civilian and Criminal jobs are allowed to shoot back if it is in self defense. This can either be they are being shot at directly (not accidental crossfire) or their property is being raided. 1.2 - ARDM 1.2.1 - ARDM is attempting to kill somebody without valid RP reason. You will receive this punishment for doing anything (shooting, using props, lightsabers) with the intent to kill another user. 1.3 - Fear RP 1.3.1 - Fear RP relates to anything which would endanger one's life without relevant RP gain. This can range from things like jumping off high places, suicide to reset HP or classically Gunpointing. Gunpoint is the only form of FearRP which can force another player into doing a RP action. 1.3.2 - Fear RP applies to all jobs and ranks, except for Droids. (This also applies to Clones, there were Clones that surrendered in the Clone Wars) 1.3.3 - If a weapon is pointed at you and you have no weapon equipped, then you are under gunpoint. This does not mean that for example a Clone can run around gun pointing civilians, there must be a valid RP reason to gun point someone. 1.3.4 - While under gunpoint you must do whatever the person tells you to do. This does not include breaking OOC rules. You are allowed to attempt to lie under gunpoint, however if found out this gives the person valid reasons to harm or even execute you if they see fit. 1.3.5 - Depending on the vehicle and speed, you may gunpoint someone in a vehicle. You can gunpoint someone in an open vehicle, like an AT-RT or Speeder if the vehicle is stationary. 1.3.6 - If you have your weapon on safety, a person may gunpoint you from behind and FearRP still applies. 1.3.7 - Explosives cannot be used to put someone under FearRP as to be close enough to someone to have them under FearRP would mean that you would be in the blast zone yourself. 1.3.8 - A Jedi must have their saber ignited to not be put under FearRP, if they just have their saber out unignited then they can be put under gunpoint. In order to successfully gunpoint a Jedi you must have 3 people for every Jedi that is in proximity. 1.3.9 - You can be FearRP'd if you are gunpointed by a superior force. This means, if the opposing force has 3 people per one member of your group, you would comply with them. 1.4 - FailRP 1.4.1 - Not all FailRP situations can be noted down and it is down to the user to use common sense and only perform actions that would make sense from an IC perspective. Staff are the judges of if your action is FailRP or not, if you disagree you may take it up with SMT. 1.4.2 - On this server you must remain in character at all times unless you are in an OOC situation or in OOC areas such as the bar. 1.4.3 - Using ALT + E to sit on someone's head is considered FailRP. Using ALT + E to sit on vehicles is also considered FailRP. However may be done for events and if permitted by SMT. 1.4.4 - Randomly walking around or taking out your physgun / tool gun is not allowed unless it is for building or spawning stuff in. Phys Guns may not be used as a pointer unless it is done to help train cadets. 1.4.5 - A Storm Trooper or Sith may not be corrupt and cannot defect, making up RP like this to kill friendlies will result in severe punishment. Exceptions for this may only be made for events or with SMT approval. You must be loyal to the Empire. 1.4.6 - The Sith holocron vault can only be opened by someone who is force sensitive. Pressing the button to open it when you are not force sensitive would be FailRP. 1.5 - Metagaming 1.5.1 - Metagaming is using information you found OOC that you wouldn’t know about IC, and acting upon it to gain an advantage in RP. 1.5.2 - Instigating metagaming is also against the rules. If you are spreading IC information through OOC that is classed as instigating metagaming. 1.5.3 - Criminal Jobs are viewed as Civilian until they are caught committing a crime, as such you cannot just arrest people for being a cartel member or pirate - without having seen evidence of a crime. 1.6 - New Life Rule (NLR) 1.6.1 - NLR means that when you die you forget everything you learned during your previous life. This means that if somebody kills you, you can’t go straight back to the area and arrest them. 1.7 - Erotic Roleplay 1.7.1 - ERP is strictly forbidden, and any sort of ERP will result in a severe ban and warning. 1.8 - LTAP & LTARP 1.8.1 - Leaving the server during IC punishment or OOC punishment will result in a ban for either LTAP or LTARP. Stay on the server until your brig sentence is up and do not leave during a staff sit. 1.9 - Combat Baiting 1.9.1 - It is legal to carry a Blaster Pistol on safety whilst playing as a civilian. 1.9.2 - Carrying heavier weaponry than a blaster pistol (one handed weaponry) is illegal, and you can be arrested if you are seen roaming around a Imperial-controlled planet with a two-handed blaster. As you wouldn't want to escale to conflict with the Empire, intentionally breaking this rule to just walk around with your weapons out in front of Storm Troopers is FailRP. 1.9.3 - Running up to Imperial forces with illegal weaponry then running away, in the aims to instigate a chase to arrest you, or lead to combat is combat baiting - this is punishable by a warn. 1.10 - Imperial Base rules 1.10.1 - Entering a Imperial Base as non-Imperial personnel means that you are AOS to the Empire. If you open fire with a weapon on base then Storm Troopers are authorised to kill you. 1.10.2 - You should have a valid reason to be entering the Imperial base, not doing so will result in a warn for FailRP. These could include attempted kidnapping for ransom, raiding, trying to steal. You cannot just walk onto the base with a weapon, as this is Combat Baiting and will also result in a warn. 1.11 - Powergaming 1.11.1 - Powergaming is the act of using /me roleplay to force another player into something or to do something. This can range from petty things like '/me disarms (name)', '/me injects tranquilizer to send (name) to sleep' to '/me kills (name)'. This roleplay can only take place if both parties agree to the do passive roleplay using /me. Section 2 - Chat Rules 2.1 - IC and OOC Chat 2.1.11 - IC comms should be IC. Speaking about OOC things down your IC comms may result in a warning. All OOC talking should be said in either /ooc or /looc (Local OOC). 2.1..2 - OOC should not be used to argue or insult one another. Insulting people verbally or in OOC is DTP (Disrespect towards player) and punishments will be handed out by staff. 2.1.3 - Spamming in both IC or OOC chat is not allowed, doing so will result in a mute. 2.1.4 - This is an English speaking server so you must type and speak English at all times. 2.2 - Private Messages (PMs) 2.2.1 - PMs are an OOC thing and IC information cannot be passed on through there. Acting on something sent through PMs is considered metagaming. 2.2.2 - Using PMs to insult players or to continue arguments is not allowed. The same punishments can be given for breaking chat rules in PMs. 2.3 - Advertising 2.3.1 - Using chat to advertise anything outside this community without permission from the server manager or CAT will result in a permanent ban from the server. 2.4 - Unnecessary Sits 2.4.1 -Making unnecessary claims can result in a warning. Making claims in order to help a staff friend will get both you and that staff member punished. Section 3 - Player Event Rules 3.1 - Kidnapping 3.1.1 - To kidnap someone you must have a valid RP reason to do. For example, a Cartel member would not kidnap Imperial Personnel to hold for ransom, as that is not their way of making money. Common reasons would be: stealing comms or gaining information. 3.1.2 - You may not kidnap the same person for at least 15 minutes after them being freed or killed. 3.1.3 - To initiate a kidnapping you must first have a gun pointed at the person before cuffing them. The victim must have no weapon out, if they have one on safety, you must come from behind. 3.1.4 - After being gunpointed and the kidnapper or arrester has pulled out their handcuffs, you cannot pull out a gun and shoot them or run away, FearRP still applies. 3.1.5 - As a kidnapper you can force your victim to give you all their weapons by putting them under gunpoint and can also strip their comms by doing /stripcomms. You can also do something like giving them comms and forcing them to say something (within the rules) down comms. Not complying is considered FailRP. 3.1.6 - As a kidnapper you can only hold a person who you have kidnapped for 20 minutes. After this time, you must either execute them if necessary or release them. - If someone wants information off someone, interrogation can be used. There is a 10 minutes time period where the interrogator can RP with different methods and the victim can decide whether or not he wants to give up the information. Once the 10 minutes is up the victim has no choice and any information the person actually knows must be given up (Unless both parties agree to continue). - However there are some ranks that can withstand interrogation, so the last part of 3.1.6 does not apply to them so after the 10 minutes they do not have to give up the information. They are the following ranks: SHT EXO+, IC Squad Leader+, Imperial Command, Sith Ghost, Dark Council. 3.2 - Mugging 3.2.1 - To initiate a mugging you must have a gun pointed at the victim first and they must have no weapon out, or it must be on safety. 3.2.2 - The maximum you can mug someone for is 10,000 credits. You may not ask them to drop any weapons or equipment JUST credits. 3.2.3 - You have to wait 20 minutes before mugging the same person again. 3.3 - Countering 3.3.1 - To counter someone you must have a valid RP reason to do so. Either the action that you are countering is against you or have an RP connection to the person you are assisting by the counter. To confirm the counter, you must do "/advert Counter" before you engage with the other user. 3.3.2 - You do not have to counter if there is an active raid that you are taking part in or if your base or someone you have an RP connection with the base that is being raided. 3.3.3 - If you are being shot by another player you do not have to counter to return fire. 3.3.4 - You may not counter a superior force - A superior force is considered anything above double how many people are countering. (2 people can counter 4 people but 2 people cannot counter anything more) 3.3.5 - If you are under gunpoint you cannot counter. 3.3.6 - Actions you can counter are: Being shot at, Trying to be cuffed (Not gunpointed), Friendly being mugged, Friendly being arrested, Base being pick locked, You, or a friendly being pickpocketed. 3.3.7 - Imperial forces witnessing a crime can counter without the need for an advert. 3.4 - Raiding 3.4.1 - There may only be one raid every 15 minutes, the cooldown starts once the last person of a raid/takeover dies. The raid begins as soon as the staff members supervising grants the raid. You may not damage an enemy or lock pick a door before the raid has started. 3.4.2 - Raidable buildings and requirements are as followed: Main Base - Required people 6. Imperial Outposts - Required people 4. IC Outposts - Required people 4. Non-military owned buildings (I.e Bank or Bar) - Required people 3. Civilian or criminal house/base - No required amount. 3.4.3 - Example of how to do a raid: Player 1: /raidapply Player 2: /raidassist Player 3: /raidassist You will then wait for a staff member to respond, they will check when the last raid was and if the required people have assisted. They will then accept the raid and spectate it in cloak to make sure rules are followed. DO NOT ENGAGE THE RAID UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT THE RAID HAS BEEN ACCEPTED BY STAFF. 3.4.4 - When raiding a building, part of your group must attempt to enter (every 3 members who enter the building, one can remain outside). Sniper-only raids are not allowed. 3.4.5 - You may not break NLR to return to a raid after dying. You must wait until your NLR timer expires before going back. This also applies to Imperial personnel. 3.4.6 - Main Gate or Hangar Bay doors cannot be lock picked. 3.4.7 - Imperial Forces can raid without using /raidapply, so long as they have a valid roleplay reason to do so. This means they must have evidence to suggest the property they are raiding is Criminal owned. 3.4.8 - You may not pick lock any doors or kill anyone in a building unless there is an active raid. However there does not have to be a raid for you to enter MB, gunpoint people and steal stuff. 3.5 - Takeovers 3.5.1 - If a Criminal group has been raiding an Outpost for 10 minutes or more, and the building is clear of Imperial forces. They may takeover as long as they have 6 group members. 3.5.2 - During a takeover, you may play 2 props per member of the raid. For example, if you have 5 raiders, you may place 10 barricade props. 3.6 - Other Crimes 3.6.1 - Stealing vehicles do not require an advert. 3.6.2 - The only jobs that can steal vehicles are Scavengers. Section 4 - Job Classes Rules 4.1 - Job Class Rules 4.1.1 - As a Citizen you have no set allegiances, you may pick a side to support or stay neutral. 4.1.2 - Citizens may not raid or kill other players, the only exception being if it's in self defense, a citizen may shoot back. 4.1.3 - Citizens may get involved in illegal actions such as helping with drug making, distribution and arms dealing. 4.1.4 - Shock, Fleet or anyone else with a Stun Blaster ARE NOT to use the blaster on civilians or criminals. Doing so will result in a warning. 4.2 - Scavengers 4.2.1 - Scavengers are the common criminals of the Imperial territories. Their main objective is rob civilians who have no way of fighting back, without ending up on the Empires’s radar. 4.2.2 - A single scavenger may attempt to rob any house or base on their own. 4.2.3 - Scavengers may join in with ongoing Raids on the Imperial bases, but they are unable to launch their own raids on Imperial property. 4.3 - Mercenary 4.3.1 - Mercenaries are one of the most armed non-Imperial job. They use these weapons to help the highest bidder, whether this is the Empire, or even a Civilian who wants a Guard! 4.3.2 - Mercenaries cannot break the law or do anything illegal unless they have been paid to do so beforehand. They have to follow the rules of the jobs that have hired them. This means you may not just randomly kill someone for the reason of having a hit on them - even if you were paid to do so. 4.7 - Event Rules 4.7.1 - In the case of a Server Event (organized by an EP or Exec+), the hosting staff member may tell people to switch off of the Galactic Job classes and return to using their normal Storm Trooper or Sith ranks. This is to ensure that the main events continue to run smoothly on the server. If you are told to switch back to your main job and refuse to do so, you will be punished - and continous abuse of the jobs during events after being asked to swap may result in the loss of your whitelists. Section 5 - Building and Prop Rules 5.1 - General Prop rules 5.1.1 - Spamming props will result in a warning and possibly a ban, depending on the severity. 5.1.2 - You cannot use a prop to boost you on to an area you cannot climb onto or use them to fly. 5.1.3 - You cannot use props to push or move players / vehicles. 5.1.4 - Using a prop to kill someone is not allowed in any situations apart from events if allowed by the EP for certain scenarios in their event. You can be punished IC and OOC for prop kill. 5.1.5 - Placing down a prop and sitting on it to get out of an area or glitch through a wall is a form of ALT E abuse and will result in a warn. 5.1.6 - Do not Abuse Dupes, the spawning of things like dynamite and prop vehicles are strictly prohibited (Unless permission is given by SMT). The Misuse of Dupes can result in a 1 month ban. 5.2 - Fading Doors 5.2.1 - You may have a maximum of 2 Fading Doors to get into a base, and a third fading door within the base (I.E. A Cell, Storage, Shoot Window etc.) 5.2.2 - You must have a keypad / button on both sides of the door in the close vicinity of the door. It must be set so it is open for 5 seconds minimum whenever it is opened. 5.2.3 - Crouch or jump bases aren’t allowed players must be able to enter a base standing up 5.2.4 - Fading door abuse will result in an instant warning. Once a fading door has been opened you can not instantly close it, it must remain open for a minimum of 5 seconds 5.2.5 - You may not build one way shooting props. (Props that you can only see through from one side and can shoot through). They must either be completely transparent or not see-through at all. 5.3 - Base Building Rules 5.3.1 - You are not allowed to block any entrance to a building - every entrance must be accessible. 5.3.2 - Only purchase doors you are intending to use. 5.3.3 - Bases must be realistic and raidable. Bases should be realistic and have some sort of furniture inside, houses shouldn’t be turned into military forts. Unraidable / unrealistic bases can be removed by any Senior Admin+ who thinks it’s necessary. 5.34 - Head glitching at all if forbidden, there can be no head glitching spots in any part of the base. If seen, staff will tell you to remove certain parts. 5.3.5 - You are allowed to put up building signs meaning that your base cannot be raided while you are building. If you have a building sign up this means that you are not allowed to do any illegal actions inside (e.g. Making drugs or selling weapons). 5.3.6 - You may only build in a base if you own the building or you have the owners permission. 5.4 - Text Screen Rules 5.4.1 - Text screens unless granted by a Senior Admin+ must be IC. You can receive a FailRP warning for having an OOC text screen without permission. 5.4.2 - KOS signs are not allowed; you must have valid RP reasons to kill someone. 5.4.3 - Do not spam text screens. Section 6 - Miscellaneous Rules 6.1 - Pac 3 Rules 6.1.1 - All Pac 3s must be RP friendly to the Star Wars Imperial theme, or atleast sci-fi genre. 6.1.2 - If a staff member deems your pack inappropriate they are authorised to ask you to remove it. If you disagree with their judgement you can bring it up with a member of SMT. 6.1.3 - The only place where OOC pac 3s are allowed is in OOC areas. 6.1.4 - Do not use earrape/unrealistic sound effects. Sound effects on PAC3s are forbidden unless clearly authorized by the Server Management Team. 6.1.5 - Do not use massive models. You are not allowed to rescale your model at all. 6.1.6 - You cannot change the material on your model at all. 6.1.7 - You cannot add equipment or weapons to yourself in PAC that you don't actually have, this can be considered as breaking the bronze rule. 6.2 - Out of Character Rules 6.2.1 - You may not trade in-game items (such as money) for any sort of IRL currency or item. Purchasing money in any place other than on our official store is STRICTLY not allowed. Any breakages of this rule will result in a Community wide unappealable Ban. Section 7 - Event Character Rules 7.1 - How to act 7.1.1 - Event character isn’t an opportunity to mess around, you should always take whatever role you're given seriously and you can still receive OOC punishments for breaking rules as an event character. 7.1.2 - When playing as an event character you always listen to the EP and do whatever they say. It is their event and they have the option to kick you out if they see fit. 7.1.3 - As an event character you still must follow the basic rules of the server. RDM still applies to event characters, if you are seen shooting your friendlies you will be warned. - As an EC you will hear the leading Battalion on voice amp and you may also see other adverts in comms. In RP these are Clone comms and unless specified as open comms you would not see or hear them, acting upon this would be metagaming. - Combat cuffing is still a thing for ECs. Sometimes you may be given cuffs but you must still follow the kidnapping rules. - Event characters can still be put under FearRP, the only exception for this is droids, for obvious reasons. It is unusual for an EC to not have their gun out but if you are caught under gunpoint with no weapon out you must obey FearRP. 7.2 - How to become and EC 7.2.1 - When an event planner starts an event a pop up asking you if you want to be EC, click yes if you do and then once the timer is up you will be brought. You must be a Sith Apprentice to be Jedi EC and at least cadet trained and not in the brig to be Storm Trooper EC. 7.3 - Jedi Event Character 7.3.1 - As said in 7.2 you must be at least Sith Apprentice to be a Jedi event character. 7.3.2 - Jedi event characters have the ability to change their saber length and hilt and also have access to a large range of force powers, you may only use what the EP has told you to use, disobeying will result in a blacklist. 7.3.3 - Jedi event characters are not made for fighting Storm Troopers, if they went against Storm Troopers they would be very overpowered. You may not engage Clones in any way if being shot, you have the ability to leap away or block. 7.3.4 - Jedi EC usually means you have more freedom with the RP you have been given, you decide how you negotiate and when you fight. However if the event is being drawn out for too long by leaping around or long negotiations the EP may ask you to speed things up or force combat. BREAKING ANY OF THE RULES WILL RESULT IN WARNINGS, KICKS OR BANS. JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING ISN’T WRITTEN IN THE RULES DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT DETRIMENTAL TO THE RP, USE COMMON SENSE. STAFF HAVE FINAL SAY ON WHAT THEY THINK IS VALID REASONING, IF YOU DISAGREE WITH A STAFF MEMBER ON THEIR DECISION THEN YOU MAY CONTACT A MEMBER OF SMT.
  5. Neutral tho i feel like you need still need some time to think about your actions i feel you still need some more time to think about your actions
  6. Niggas be like "+1 nice guy" And I couldn't agree more
  7. +1 How the fuck is this combat baiting and how does one get banned for 3 days because of this?
  8. +1 200 Regen is too much. makes clones invincible. I would rather see no regen shields but 100 is a good compromise 21st Commander jack
  9. +1 Long time player Good application Deserves a chance 21st Commander Jack
  10. +1 Trustworthy Good application Qualified 21st Commander Jack
  11. +1 On the clips provided i haven't even seen a single bit of combat. So like, sounds like a In Character issue. If this is Combat bait then recklessly driving is as well
  12. Heyo! I banned you back in September so I do not remember the incident although the reason stated was MassRDM & Leave To Avoid Punishment (LTAP), MassRDM alone is a permanent ban and the logs were already provided by Joe, now in regards to what you said, if the only person you killed was the LT then at maximum your punishment would've been a week -more reasonably it would be 1-3 days- but since you decided to go on a killing spree it was moved up to a perma ban. Personally dunno why, sorry that I can't help in that regard.
  13. basically just something like 999, they just are a free roaming scp which can't really do anything. Just a brief description of 527 he's just a man but with a fish for a head and apart from that there isn't any sort of powers of water breathing or anything, just a man with a fish for a head. Also there is also a already existing model for him on gmod- may have to do something so that he can't change to the d-class outfit but idk if that's a problem or not, don't mind if it's a paid whitelist or anything. The scp link-
  14. +1 lots of yunglings leap too why warn this mate!
  15. From the Look I can tell that you spended really time into making this efford, and to admit your mistakes +1 21st LCPL Renko Despite i"had a minge issue to im starting to reflex from your post ! thanks >3
  16. There is this weird bug that changes the text into strange characters and it only affects my notifications and character info in the bottom left. I am pretty new and just started playing, anybody got a fix?I have only one lua error called this:lua/autorun/mauriceshit.lua:3: attempt to call field 'Create' (a nil value)1. unknown -lua/autorun/mauriceshit.lua:3IDK if this is related to the text issue but it is the only lua error I have so. I am reposting this because I think it just got lost in the history and nobody responded. It has been annoying and I really hope for some help.
  17. I mean, the console doesn't lie...
  18. Nope, It was after, dealing with the Anwarter going rouge and reeling him back. The guy literally comes up and says he has been photographing OrPo members, and that an anwärter is running around, and that he is going to make a formal report.
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  20. Denied After deliberation in the Server Management Team, it was decided that this ban shall remain. This is clear ERP. Our server has a zero tolerance policy towards ERP. You with your experience should have known this and should not have been tempted to perform these actions. Reapply in some months. To add if individuals are blatantly trying to get people to break server rules feel free to contact members of the staff team.
  21. /s Terrorists on forums! Lock and deny thread! Take up arms!
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