Ace's Staff Application

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In Game Name:


Steam ID:


Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server:


In-game rank (VIP and 501st SGT):

Platinum-VIP - 501st Colonel

Have you got experience in staffing RP servers:





7w 9hrs

Predicted time on server per week:

40-50 hrs



Do you use a microphone:


What do you aim to achieve in our staff team:

To make the server a fun and enjoyable experience for other players
and helping others out on the server.

Why do you stand out among other candidates:

I believe that i stand out amongst the other candidates because trying to become a staff member because i have been quite high ranking a couple of times on the server and along with this i am very friendly and would like to help others from the server for any kind of help that they would need.

Why should we pick you to staff our server(200 words):

I think that i should be chosen to become a staff member because i've have been on the server for around 2 ½ years and throughout the time that i have been on the server i have reach the ranks of ARC Vice Commander and having to leave this rank because of GCSE's unfortunately , Along with this i was ARC Colonel for around 3-4 months and leaving just before its removal to focus on my college work.

Currently on the server i have climbed the ranks of 501st and have as of now reached the rank of Trial Exo in the time that i have been going up the ranks i have found the time to balance out the time that i can work on my college work while still being very active on the sever for many hours per day.

Overall i believe that i am a very friendly to all of the people that i meet while also being very trustworthy and mature if i was to be chosen to be a staff member i can say that i will be able to achieve over the minimum claim limit that is required from a staff member over the few years that i have been playing the server i can say that i have enjoyed all of the RP moments that i have had along with all of the people that i had met throughout the entire time.

Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed:

Yes , I fully understand

If a trooper didn’t salute to you, what do you do as a staff member:

If i was on as my clone job i would just remind the TRP about saluting 2nd LT's +

and if i was on as SOD i would just remind them that there is no need too since its a OOC Job.

You haven’t done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this:

First of all i would apologize to the SMT and put all of my effort into going over the minimum claims that are needed from me.

You don’t like a staff member, how do you handle this:

Try and speak civilly between myself and the other staff member to sort out the situation.between Pm's

Anything else:

Edited by Ace
Update of Playtime to 7 weeks & now the rank of Colonel

Current Ranks

IRP Super Administrator

 Tatooine Security Commissioner

Past Ranks

IC Commander

Death Trooper Vice Commander

CWRP Admin

501st Senior Commander

ARC Vice Commander

ARC Colonelx2



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- Got a T EXO period so is obviosly trusted

- Mature

- Active

- Friendly


Good Luck!

                        Current Ranks:                                                                  Previous Ranks

                                                   Ass Eater                                                                                 fuck you

                                       Woman Beater



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Active, Friendly, Mature, Good Application

Current SWRP Ranks
Admiralty: August 2021 - (Max. Grand Admiral)
CWRP Staff: November 2019 - (Max. Manager)

Past SWRP Ranks
CW 501st Commander x2
CW ARC Commander
CW RC OS Squad Leader F61
CW Jedi Fighter

IRP Grand Admiral
IRP Vice Manager

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Reasons stated above

Current Ranks
Civil Protection 04 - JURY
Former Ranks
Hauptmann und Polizeichef der Berliner Ordnungspolizei
Hauptscharführer des Inland-Sicherheitsdienst

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Other candidates have proven to be a better suit for a staff position, this does not mean you are not fit for the role but due to the high amount of applications we had to pick who was deemed the best options.

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