Realität Zeigen

I would like to request a reversal of an unban.

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Your In-game name: Pie

Your Steam ID:Three_Point_One_Four


Reason of the ban: FailRP Name 

Date you were banned on: 14 of June, 2020

Duration of ban: One day

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Michael Rittersen

Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:  I had chosen a name from the Germanic languages as per requested and was asked to change it.  Without a chance to ask why I was sent back.  I supposed that it was a mistake of some sort and kept the name.  I was called back to change it, in which I did.  That being Anführer Witz.  I was asked to change it again as Rittersen said that 'führer means leader, I'm not stupid'.  I was rather offended for him to think in such a manner.  It felt like I was being forced to use the top 100 list.  I finally changed it to Höhere Witze to remove the Anführer.  With that I was banned.

Do you think your ban was justified: No

Why should you be unbanned: From what I can tell there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to linguistics and how names came to be, along with what German actually means. I'll be staying my points one by one. German can mean Germanic, which implied any throat language such as Dutch, English, and Czech.  It's also been known throughout history that many names derived from jobs and religion (ex. in the English language: Carpenter, Smith, Chris, Christian).  Thusly, my second and third names would mean Leader of Jokes roughly, implying a family line of Jesters in medival times.

Any kind of evidence:  Mr Michael Rittersens reliance of a 'Top 100' German name list, leaving more obscure names to be considered 'not German'.  Lack of willingness to check up on users evidence and reasoning.  

Additional information: I don't appreciate the stereotyping of names.  It's rather insulting as someone whose family traveled from Austria-Hungary to the United States, spoke German prior to the first World War (we were forced to stop speaking due to the fear of Germans in the States) and still has a strong sense of Austrian and Hungarian culture.

Thank you for your time.

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With werewolf servers they tend to be very strict, You should read the rules and just try to obey as much rules as you can. 

Search up ''German Male Names'' which to help with the rp ingame. 

At the same time it is only a 1 day ban and wait it out. Also when you get unbanned try to remember to change your name so you don't get yourself into one of these situations again.

Its a netrual for me till theres more information about what happened

Good Luck!

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I've sent you to the FailRP Name room for having a Czech name. You then proceeded to start arguing how it is "German Territory" and that it is not FailRP. I then gave you TWO more warnings after you changed your name to other FailRP Stuff and after the 4th time I was fed up having to explain to you to not have any further Names that were something with "Zeigen" and considering your Forum name is "Relität Zeigen" which means Show Reality, you had similar names in game.

1 hour ago, Realität Zeigen said:

Any kind of evidence:  Mr Michael Rittersens reliance of a 'Top 100' German name list, leaving more obscure names to be considered 'not German'.  Lack of willingness to check up on users evidence and reasoning.  

My "Top 100" German name list is my own mother language making this claim just unneeded. 

As you said yourself you changed your name to "Anführer Witz" which is not a proper role-play name. Then you proceeded to change your name to "Höhere Witze" and that means Higher Jokes.

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Failed to Listen to Staff, Faced the Punishment for It. Ban shall remain. 

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