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Adding a compass similar to the one in Star Wars RP

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Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Effects/Addon


How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: Depending who you ask but for RP wise and making things easier a 9.


Your suggestion: Adding a compass on the screen similar to the one on Star wars RP.


Reasons for this suggestion: I believe this would be a good addition to the server as it would make a lot of things more easier one example being if you are in a fight instead of saying enemy on the left or right, as it can get confusing because it depends where you are looking, with this compass you can just say for example, enemy on North West and everyone will know where they have to look.


Any relevant links: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1452363997


Additional Information: This are the features that comes with this compass:

- Ability to modify compass width, height, x and y position on the screen, color, etc.
- 3 different styles taking inspiration from Fortnite, Squad, and PUBG
- A waypoint/spotting system (can be disabled)
- Server friendly (other settings in the script)

And the compass works as I tested myself in singleplayer as you can see in the picture


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Tbh, I don´t really think that we need it, but I don´t think that it is useless, so I would stay Neutral

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It's nice having a bearing instead of saying "left", "right" or "over there".

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This addon isn't definitely useless, and could have its uses in combat and training related role-play. However, I don't believe the addon is needed right now as the server has so many currently. Neutral

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Not needed.





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