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Guest Royal

My In game name: Royal Smith

STEAMID: ( STEAM_1:0:62160850

Steam Name: [V-L] ☬ ℛoyal ☬ | [REDACTED]ᴮᴼᵀ

What is the reason for your warn: RDM

Name of the staff member who warn you: Norra / LCPL Twitch(B1)

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: I got warned for RDM, from my perspective it wasn't RDM. I had already said over comms several times not to open the CPs because 457 had breached. The first time, after I already said not to open the CP, a researcher opened the LCZ-HCZ CP(I did not shoot this time since I was going to try to cuff the researcher and then give him to B1 but I didn't get his name). After that 457 was trapped in HCZ till another researcher opened it. I assumed it was the same researcher from before so instead of cuffing them I decided to shoot them down, because I already warned in comms not to open the CPs yet another researcher opened the CP.

Researcher opening LCZ-HCZ CP:
(After watching the recording I found the name was "dr jeff" but I was too focused on trying to survive to notice the name)
Same researcher getting chased towards EZ CP:
457 Entering EZ with researcher running away in background:

(I did steal Willricks format cause I can't find a format)

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// Personally i dont think i can give my opinion but here u go \\


Personally i feel it was a just situation where the researcher got killed, as theres alot of times where even O5 Members say if you open a CP during a breach of like 682 or 457 where they can do alot of damage to the site you would either be cuffed or terminated. The researchers are also suppost to be in a shelter by now aswell as should have already seen the warnings in comms relating to opening a CP where a dangerous SCP is waiting at to get through.

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Well, technically it was RDM. I would of done an accidental RDM cause if it was the same researcher then yes, technically you could kill them. But at the same time, what did you expect he do when literally 457 was behind him, sacrifice himself? He also has a life. I'm going to leave this neutral as I wasn't there and I can't look through Ludwig's POV and I trust that he usually is spot on with his warns and bans. So I'll just see what Hierarchy says.



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4 hours ago, Johnwickisblak said:


 But at the same time, what did you expect he do when literally 457 was behind him, sacrifice himself? 

He was safe in EZ, yet he decided to open HCZ and allow 457 to enter EZ. 

The LCZ-HCZ CP I wanted to cuff him but couldn't since 457 chased him all the way. And he could've been in a breach shelter by then not run into HCZ where there is no safety(besides hiding)

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On 6/17/2020 at 8:27 AM, Jason Ray said:

It was said on comms, a researcher did the most retarded thing during a breach and got killed, seems simple and it seems to be a valid kill
so +1



exactly what this man said


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