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Your In-game name: steam name jimmiscotland the name i used in game Jimmi Hans

Your Steam ID:


Reason of the ban: mass rdm ik what it is now

Date you were banned on: 17/06/2022

Duration of ban: permaban 

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): No Idea 

i was just doing what some of the other groups were doing like mugging ppl and if they shot us we shot them then a guy shot me outside of spawn ran back in i killed him and when the admin came because i killed him in spawn he looked at how many ppl i killed and banned me for mass rdm when alot of the ppl i killed either agreed to be part of the rp or we just mugged then they pulled a gun on us this was when i was new to the game i really loved the server please unban me this request is in more detail for u mr admin

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51 minutes ago, jimmiscotland said:

im not gonna stop untill i get unbanned

this is a pretty good way to get banned off the forums mate. 

just wait a couple months, make a genuine request and pray that strasse has had a good day.

spamming the forums isnt going to get u unbanned.

-1 melt

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The ban will remain. I highly suggest you stop  making unban requests all time, or otherwise i will keep you banned.

Current Ranks: 
SS-Gruppenführer des Oberabschnitt 'Spree' und Generalleutnant der Polizei

WW2 - Staff Manager


Previous Ranks:

Chef d. SS-Inspektionsbüro d. Ab. III

Leiter d. RSHA Abt. "Berlin"

Leiter d. SD Leitabschnitt "Berlin" 

Geheime Staatspolizei Kriminalassistent

Berliner Ordnungspolizei Revier-Oberwachtmeister


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