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What your suggestion is:

To remove the Super Troopers Tazer.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information:

I've seen people going around tazing people for no reason. Couple of days ago I even saw a ST taze a CT CPT because he had apparently broken the golden rule, he did not make an AOS just tazed him and Staff checked the CT CPT's damage loggs and no friendlies were shot.

(I'm saying this as a CG myself)

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I agree with terix, everytime i have seen someone be the supertrooper job, they have just used it to minge. They don't need to remove the tazer  they just need to remove the job itself


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the  job is a shit show and when used in events it can help but majority of the time its someone just teamkilling. i dont know if the job should be removed but should be revamped i guess as there are things that should change.

But +1 on removing the tazer i should've mentioned this in my suggestion to remove elastic restraints.

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If they don't have restrains they shouldn't have tasers either.

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People use this job just to minge. I litteraly arrested one ST for shoting his shotgun into multiple people on defcon 5 even if it was a misclick I still believe that this job is usually just use to minge and nothing else. So definitly wouldnt be a bad idea to remove it all together.

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Good idea, I don't see why a ST should have a tazer; they already have an OP weapon.





Credit to Loki for this.



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Don't know how they still have it.

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