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Battalion Commander fix/change

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Battalion Command consists of:

- All of Admiralty

-Head Of Battalion

-Battalion Brigadier

But why not Battalion Commander?

I think that Battalion should add the rank of Battalion Commander to Battalion Command because it makes no sense not to. 

On the contrary, what you could do is just change the name of it. Asking for the ranks of Battalion Command can easily confuse people as Battalion Commander is not apart of it, and there is no reason on why.

Battalion should either add the Commander to a part of their Command, or change the name as a whole.

For an example, you could change the name of Battalion Brigadier to Battalion Commodore, and then remove Commander or rename it Brigadier, so Battalion Command would look like this -

-All of Admiralty


-Battalion Commodore

And then the rank below Commodore would be Brigadier, and then below Brigadier would be COL etc etc.

Just an idea, but SMT can come up with whatever name is necessary - just either change the name of Commander, or add it to Batt Command, making it less confusing for everyone, but it doesn't have to be that exact name that was just an example





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When I returned to the server to see Battalion Commander I thought "Oh shit that's cool another rank in Battlion Command". Then obviously found out this wasn't the case. I was pretty confused. I guess it doesn't need to change (in terms of getting added to Battalion Command) but like the name is pretty confusing.

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i agree with changing names, of the two ranks but making commander being battalion command is a no go

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we have already been discussing a possible name change for this already although im not sure about commodore itself. However i definitely agree Commander needs changing   

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Dave and blaster have explained the reasoning perfectly


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old ranks;

who cares




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Like previously mentioned we're looking at solutions and i think we might've already found one.

But to answer the main point to as why Commander isn't part of Batt-command is because there's already 6 slots total in batt-command not including FA and GA. Put commanders ontop of that and we have 8 people leading battalion lmao. Take GA and FA into account and we have 10 people meanwhile regiments are doing just fine with 3 hierarchy members.

But yeah we're working on a name change.


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