Changing of the resistance and mafia loadouts

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Type of suggestion: Loadouts


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Your suggestion: Change of mafia loadouts
For resistance:
Leader: Change the sidearm to P38 or Browning HP
Heavy gunner: change the name of the job to German resistance shotgunner, loadout shall be untouched for now.
Machine gunner: Change the Bren MK. 2 to M1918A2 BAR. Reason for this is that the Bren MK. 2 was quite an expensive weapon, and the model was introduced in 1941, and most of its use was in military service by the British. 
Sub machine gunner: Change the M1A1's to Sten MK.2's . The reason for this yet again is that the M1A1 wasn't in common resistance use, but rather in military use by the British.
Rifleman: Change the Lee-Enfield to KAR98. Reason for this is because the Lee-Enfield 4 was  was primarily produced for the United Kingdom, Canada and some other Commonwealth countries such as New Zealand, not for resistance troops. Also being in Berlin it would make sense to have captured KAR98 as the rifles were mass produced. 
Medic: Keep untouched
Member: untouched as well.

Mafia boss: Change the sidearm to P08 luger, for the reason being that it's a more common German weapon, and was in some what common in criminal usage:
Mafia underboss: Change the M1928A1 to MP40. The M1928A1 was in US military service, as I believe this is the variant with improved modding to make the weapon more reliable on the field, and then again the MP40 is a German weapon which had a cheap production cost (around 210 Euro's for today's standards).
Mafia capo: Change the M1A1 to Sten MK.2's. For the same reasons it should be changed on the resistance, cheap production value, easy to hide and cheap to produce. 
Mafioso: Keep untouched
Mafia made man: Change the M3 grease gun to MP34. Reason for this is that the M3 grease gun was adopted to wide spread usage at the end of 1942 by the US army, and wasn't seen common in Europe till 44'. 
Associate: Keep untouched


Reasons for this suggestion: Reasons for this suggestion can be seen in the historical accuracy aspect, and also in the weapon balancing. Currently the resistance and mafia have very high firepower, maybe even too high, their only argument is always "Well Reich can always outnumber us". Isn't it supposed to feel that way, and also feel like the resistance and mafia are weak, in the term of their weapons and in the term of members. 


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This would be great, this would make the resistance more historical and in general nicer to fight. The current weapons that the resistance has are to overpowered and making this change would definitely make so the resistance is much more different than the mafia. The only thing that would make this better is give submachine gunner the MP40 instead of the Sten, but the Sten would also work great.

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This loadout is better than what we currently have.

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The main reason that im on neutral/+1 is that these loadout changes are nice but, some of the weapons would need some buffs like for the Sten or the BAR in terms of firepower, recoil etc. I was thinking of the resistance leader having the mp40 or even the STG44 and for the machine gunner having the mg34, just to make it a bit balanced since the thompson will be gone.

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This would definitely improve the resistance and mafia on the historic side. And it will make the gunfights more fun hopefully.



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Currently the loadouts don't need changed however we will most likely re balance all criminal loadouts in a future update.





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