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The Ahnenerbe was a think tank that operated in Nazi Germany between 1935 and 1945. It was an appendage of the Schutzstaffel (SS) and had been established by Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsführer of the SS. It was devoted to the task of promoting the racial doctrines espoused by Adolf Hitler and his governing Nazi Party, specifically by supporting the idea that the modern Germans descended from an ancient Aryan race which was biologically superior to other racial groups. The group comprised scholars and scientists from a broad range of academic disciplines.

Hitler came to power in 1933 and over the following years he converted Germany into a one-party state under the control of his Nazi Party and governed by his personal dictatorship. He espoused the idea that modern Germans descended from the ancient Aryans, who he claimed—in contrast to established academic understandings of prehistory—had been responsible for most major developments in human history such as agriculture, art, and writing. His racial theories and claims about prehistory were not accepted by the majority of the world's scholarly community, and a decision was taken to give them greater scholarly backing. The Ahnenerbe was established with the purpose of providing evidence for Nazi racial doctrine and to promote these ideas to the German public through books, articles, exhibits, and conferences. Ahnenerbe scholars interpreted evidence to fit Hitler's beliefs, and some consciously fabricated evidence to do so; many of their ideas are regarded as pseudoscience. The organisation sent out various expeditions to other parts of the world, intent on finding evidence of ancient Aryan expansion.

The Nazi government used the Ahnenerbe's research to justify many of their policies. For instance, the think tank's claim that archaeological evidence indicated that the ancient Aryans lived across eastern Europe was cited in justification of German military expansion into that region. Ahnenerbe research was also cited in justification of the Holocaust, the mass killing of Jews and other groups—including Roma and homosexuals—through extermination camps and other methods. In 1937 the project was renamed the Research and Teaching Community of the Ancestral Heritage (Forschungs- und Lehrgemeinschaft des Ahnenerbe). Some of the group's investigations were placed on hold at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. Towards the end of the war, Ahnenerbe members destroyed much of the organisation's paperwork to avoid it incriminating them in forthcoming war crimes tribunals.

Many Ahnenerbe members escaped the de-Nazification policies in West Germany and remained active in the country's archaeological establishment throughout the post-war decades. This stifled scholarly research into the Ahnenerbe, which only intensified after German reunification in 1990. The Ahnenerbe's ideas have remained popular in some neo-Nazi and far-right circles and have also influenced later pseudo-archaeologists.



On 1 July 1935, Himmler organised a meeting at the Berlin headquarters of the SS where he discussed his desire to launch a prehistoric research institute. Both Wirth and the agriculturalist Richard Walther Darré were present, and both responded with enthusiasm to the idea. The group was launched as a department of RuSHA. Wirth became the group's president, while Himmler took the role of superintendent, a position entailing considerable control by placing him in charge of its board of trustees. Its formal goal was "to promote the science of ancient intellectual history".

The organisation was initially named the "Deutsches Ahnenerbe" Studiengesellschaft für Geistesurgeschichte (Society for the Study of the History of Primeval Ideas", but this was soon shortened to Ahnenerbe. This was a German term for "something inherited from the forefathers". The Ahnenerbe's first premises were at number 29 and 30 of the Brüderstrasse, a thirteenth-century street in Berlin. These corner buildings were rented from the city's department store magnate Rudolf Herzog. Initially, it employed seven members of staff. Reflecting Wirth's fixation on the idea of an ancient Aryan script, the organisation's early focus was upon what Wirth called "script and symbol studies". One of its researchers, Yrjö von Grönhagen, was for instance tasked with collecting the Finnish wooden calendars which were engraved with various symbols.

Starting in 1934, Himmler began financially supporting and visiting excavations in Germany. This brought him into contact with archaeologists like Alexander Langsdorff, Hans Schleif, Werner Buttler and Wilhelm Unverzagt, director of the Staatliches Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Berlin. Initially, there were two departments within the SS engaged in archaeology: the Abteilung Ausgrabungen of the Persönlicher Stab des Reichsführers der SS and the Abteilung für Vor- und Frühgeschichte at the RuSHA. The latter ("RA IIIB") was established in 1934 and was supposed to serve as a "general staff" for all SS activities related to prehistory. It was responsible for archaeological research and related propaganda and led by Rolf Höhne, a geologist. Höhne was eventually replaced by Peter Paulsen, an archaeologist, in October 1937. The department did not conduct any excavations itself, but was intended to extend the influence of the SS over other institutions, especially those responsible for education/research and monument preservation. In fact, Langsdorff did this in Himmler's personal staff. The department also tried to make use of pre-history in the training and indoctrination of SS members. When the RuSHA was restructured, the department was dissolved with its responsibilities passing to the Ahnenerbe. The Abteilung Ausgrabung in Himmler's personal staff was established in 1935 on the initiative of Langsdorff. In March 1937, Höhne joined the leadership of this department. By 1937, it was responsible for SS excavations and maintained its own personnel for this activity.

The Ahnenerbe was, according to historian Heather Pringle, "an elite Nazi research institute". Its official mission as twofold. Its first purpose was to reveal new evidence for the accomplishments of the ancestors of the modern Germans "using exact scientific methods". Its second purpose was to convey its findings to the German public through magazine articles, books, museum exhibits, and scholarly conferences. According to Pringle, it was however "in the business of myth-making", repeatedly "distorting the truth and churning out carefully tailored evidence to support the racial ideas of Adolf Hitler." Some members of the Ahnenerbe consciously altered their evidence and interpretations to match Hitler's beliefs; others appear to have been unaware of how their adherence to Nazi doctrine was shaping their interpretations.

Himmler regarded the Ahnenerbe as an elite think tank which would sweep away previous scholarship on the development of humanity and reveal that Hitler's ideas on the subject were true. Himmler also believed that the group's investigations might reveal ancient secrets about agriculture, medicine, and warfare which would benefit Nazi Germany. It employed scholars from a wide range of academic fields, including archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, folkloristics, runology, Classics, history, musicology, philology, biology, zoology, botany, astronomy, and medicine. Himmler believed that scholars active in all of these different fields would piece together a view of the past that would revolutionise established interpretations; in his words, it would represent "hundreds of thousands of little mosaic stones, which portray the true picture of the origins of the world."

On July 1, 1935, at SS headquarters in Berlin, Himmler met with five "racial experts" representing Darré and with Herman Wirth, one of Germany's most famous but also most controversial prehistorians. Together they established an organization called the "German Ancestral Heritage—Society for the Study of the History of Primeval Ideas" (Deutsches Ahnenerbe—Studiengesellschaft für Geistesurgeschichte), shortened to its better-known form in 1937. At the meeting they designated its official goal, “to promote the science of ancient intellectual history,” and appointed Himmler as its superintendent, with Wirth serving as its president. Himmler appointed Wolfram Sievers Generalsekretär (General Secretary) of the Ahnenerbe.



The Ahnenerbe seeks to add a new aspect to roleplay on the server (again) as we have the army, the police, the Party, etc. but nothing like the Ahnenerbe currently.

Yes, the Ahnenerbe has been done before, both times by myself, but it died due to lack of leadership and poor management, as well as the fact it got pretty broing to stand at the mines all day. With this iteration, both myself and members of the SMT hope to fix the errors of the past to make the group genuinely fun and interesting.

The group aims to provide players with a more scientific experience that delves into the Racial Ideology and Human Experimentation of the Third Reich. As the group is focused on the more scientific aspects of the Third Reich it revolves around Passive Roleplay and the interactions with fellow areas of the Reich as well as the general Citizens of Berlin.

The Ahnenerbe will be based within the city in different buildings, having no set group base, and can instead own one citizen base. However, they can still utilise the mines as well as the MOI should it be needed.

The research conducted by Ahnenerbe can be split into the following categories;

Eugenics: Research into Genetics and proving Aryan superiority.
Occult: Research into ancient artifacts and civilisations.
Medical: Research into identifying and curing diseases, illnesses and conditions that affect the Citizens of Germany and the Wehrmacht abroad.
Technological: Research into developing German technology for both Military and Civilian purposes.
Military: Research into biological and chemical weaponry to be used on resistance and foreign armies.

The Ahnenerbe will utilise the disease mod in their research but will also focus on many other means to roleplay, aka more passive RP with other players. ID Papers will now hold more value in RP other than just job names, as religion, height, hair and eye colour can affect whether a person is wanted by the Ahnenerbe for testing purposes or racial purposes. The Ahnenerbe will also assist the wider Reich by writing and publishing documents on diseases and other discoveries that could aid the German people either by releasing documents themselves or sending documents to the relevant Offices so their papers can be included in Newspapers.

Everything that the Ahnenerbe could do is not listed here as we hope to expand our research opportunities and group duties.

The Ahnenerbe will work with the all areas of the Reich but most prominently with the SS as well as Sanitäters from all areas of the Reich.

The Ahnenerbe also will make use of extensive documentation, as they will utilise an Archive system as well as several document types.

Ahnenerbe Handbuch

Ahnenerbe Spreadsheet

Ahnenerbe Dress Code



Sturmbannführer der Forschungsgemeinschaft Ahnenerbe

Model(s): models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/medi/cos/playermodel.mdl, models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/medi/cos/playermodel_2.mdl
Color: 54, 54, 54, 255
Weapons: doi_atow_bayonetde, doi_atow_p08, weapon_cuff_shackles, swep_diseasemod_kit
Command: ahnenerbesturm
Slots: 1

Truppenführer der Forschungsgemeinschaft Ahnenerbe

Model(s):models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/medi/cos/playermodel.mdl, models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/medi/cos/playermodel_2.mdl
Color: 54, 54, 54, 255
Weapons: doi_atow_bayonetde, doi_atow_p08, weapon_cuff_shackles, swep_diseasemod_kit
Command: ahnenerbetrupp
Slots: 2

Unterführer der Forschungsgemeinschaft Ahnenerbe

Model(s): models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/medi/ncos/playermodel.mdl, models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/medi/ncos/playermodel_2.mdl
Color: 54, 54, 54, 255
Weapons: doi_atow_bayonetde, doi_atow_p38, doi_atow_mp40, weapon_cuff_shackles, swep_diseasemod_kit
Command: ahnenerbeunter
Slots: 3

SS-Mann und Wache der Forschungsgemeinschaft Ahnenerbe

Model(s): models/kriegsyntax/germans/ss/medi/enlisted/playermodel.mdl, models/kriegsyntax/germans/waffenss/medi/enlisted/playermodel_2.mdl
Color: 54, 54, 54, 255
Weapons: doi_atow_bayonetde, doi_atow_p38, doi_atow_k98k, weapon_cuff_shackles, swep_diseasemod_kit
Command: ahnenerbemann
Slots: 4

Description for all Jobs
The Ahnenerbe was a think tank that operated in Germany during WW2. It was an appendage of the SS and had been established by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler. It had the task of promoting the racial doctrines espoused by Adolf Hitler and his governing NSDAP, specifically by supporting the idea that the Germans descended from an Aryan race which was biologically superior to other racial groups. The group comprised scholars and scientists from a range of academic disciplines.




- Be a Member of the SS, Wehrmacht or NSDAP / SA.
- Have 5 Days Playtime Minimum (Exceptions can be made).
- Have Less than 10 Warnings.
- Be higher than Rottenführer/ Obergefreiter/ Bereitschaftsleiter (Exceptions can be made if you have past experience as a higher rank).

Application Template

--- OOC Section ---

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Server Playtime:

Number of Warnings (Active and Overall):

Most Recent Warning (with Date, Reason and Staff Member Name):

Why do you wish to join the Ahnenerbe? (200 Words Minimum):

--- IC Section ---

Character Name:

Previous Group(s) / Regiment(s) you were part of and what Rank(s) you held:

Current Group(s) / Regiment(s) and Rank(s):

Briefly describe the Third Reichs Racial Ideology (200 Words Minimum):

Do you understand that most of your work in Ahnenerbe will be Passive RP?:

Do you understand you are expected to document all your Research according to Ahnenerbe rules?:

Any Additional Information?:

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