Physgun and toolgun

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What your suggestion is:

I would like to suggest that every regiment's CO+ always gets the toolgun and physgun at spawn and is a part of their loadout.

Scriptfolder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information:

I believe all CO+ in all regiment's should be getting the toolgun and physgun as their loadout considering 2nd LT+ will be doing training's and therefor won't have to call for a staff member every time they're going to do one (I know some regiment's have them at spawn but I'm mostly thinking of the ones that don't, for example CG and GC).

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This suggestion has already been denied for multiple reasons. First, I can easily say that I would never trust all CO+ to carry a physgun or tool gun at all times. Secondly, staff have been very active the past couple of months, haven't seen a physgun/toolgun claim stay unclaimed for over 3 seconds. Also, there have been incidents of COs minging with the tools, having COs with them at all time without supervision might end up ugly.

In addition to the specific regiments that get them as COs, I believe that is DU and CE. The reason for that is due to them needing to use barricades in events, so it eliminates the need to call staff while in the middle of an event.


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Blaster has basically summed this. 


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There was a suggestion for SO's to get physgun + toolgun before and it got accepted with CO's I think it's going too far since you can't trust them that well. Also Staff are probs gonna go low on claims if they give CO's toolgun + physgun.

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Alot of claims probably come from asking for a tool gun and phys gun, you won't need it unless your doing trainings or bulidings.

Also blaster said it perfectly aswell


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