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[Registry Thread] The Karlsberg Consortium

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Welcome to the Karlsberg Consortium!


It’s late 1870.
5 men of 5 professions and 5 nationalities gather in Hauscheuer, a small village near a thriving town of Karlsberg. The first gentleman was Albert Lunfer, a German Royal from the house of Nassau-Weilburg whose advantage over the others was political connections; the second gentleman was Ranko Cisek, a Sorbian landlord whose advantage of the others was manpower; the third gentleman was Hanusz Dudkowiak, a Polish weapon manufacturer whose advantage over the others was firepower; the fourth gentleman was Dalibor Pospíchal, a Czech construction foreman whose advantage over the others was the ingenuity and the fifth gentleman was Stanislav Biely, a Slovak bartender living in Karlsberg, he had no advantage over the others except for being at the right place, at the right time. They came to a conclusion that the government of his holiness Kaiser may not be willing to protect them from atrocities of war. “The fields of Alsace-Lorraine are full of blood that once ran through the veins of over 250.000 civilians, they all died in this pointless war.” - said one of them. “This is the height of the German-Franco war – hundreds of thousands dead, nothing has changed. What do you think will happen if Russia decides to join?” All of them agreed that they must do something to prevent pointless loss of life by defending themselves against a possible aggressor and together they decided to form The Brotherhood of the Roster, an organization that taught townspeople how to use weapons in the event of defending the city walls.


The presumed mountain shelter in Hauscheuer in which the 5 gentlemen met, 1880

Such state continued for the next 50 years. The brotherhood provided the citizens of Lower Silesia a possibility to defend themselves when the First World War arrived, avoiding the bloodshed that came with it. The townspeople successfully repelled multiple attacks on the cities of Lower Silesia, effectively preventing the Russian invaders from reaching the heart of Germany. After the war the brotherhood continued to operate, mainly due to the Weimar Republic attitude towards the fate of their people, allowing multiple rebellions in Poland to rip away major chunks of the land. This enraged the brotherhood that decided to ignore the Weimar government and declared that they shall continue to defend people of Silesia, even if it means that they have to fight the government itself.

This forced the brotherhood continue their actions as a secret society, still teaching the townsfolk the basic defensive strategies should they be enlisted to the army or forced to defend their home. Sometime in early 1920s, the Consortium aquired a fort build in Karlsberg in 1780 (known as Blockhaus Karl) on the order of the Prussian king Frederick William II and moved their new Headquarters there, allowing them to expand on their activities within the small castle and commanding their operations from there. Yet the grip of the new government was getting tighter, many brotherhood operatives were arrested for carrying illegal weapons or anti-government propaganda which forced the remaining brotherhood members to go underground and gain profits from questionable practices. With the memory of the brotherhood fading away in the Lower Silesia, the brotherhood members soon started using their connections to get involved in illegal trafficking, weapon trade and bootlegging. This is the point at which the brotherhood is said to have been converted into the Karlsberg Consortium.

A presumed member of the Consortium talking to a civilian near the outskirts of Breslau, 1940 (A heavily modified Schubert 38 with a plowshare is seen on the left side of the photo which is assumed to be of Consortium's own design)

When Hitler rose to power, many members began involving themselves politically, usually sympathizing with governors of the land and buying their trust and protection in exchange for shares in their profitable businesses. Persecutions against the Consortium ceased when by 1938 most of the Milician district was in control of Consortium subordinates. This included multiple members of the Milician Kreispolizeibehörde (Milician District Police) and local NSDAP activists, turning the district into an effective quasi-state under the control of the Syndicate.


Territory of the Karlsberg Consortium in Germany by 1938 (Green)

In the following years, many members of the consortium have spread across other districts, expanding their activities to tobacco and drug production. By 1942 their presence was established in districts of Groß Wartenberg, Oels, Guhrau, Wohlau, Trebnitz and also german-occupied districts of Krotoschin, Rawitsch and Adelnau with over 2,300 confirmed members.

In 1943, the Consortium decided that the last step would be to secure their assets by sending one of the Vogs to Berlin to get their connections established at the center of the nation before the war ends…

Organizational structure:

The Karlsberg Consortium is a Criminal Syndicate acting one step ahead of the law. Little is known about their internal structure other than having 5 Vogts – administrative directors in joined rule of the Consortium. Every 5 years they elect one of them to become the Starost, a Godfather-like figure who leads of the Consortium with Vogts supporting his rule until the next vote. Their law is guarded by so called “Enforcers” - extremely trusted members of the Consortium who act as a kind of internal police force for the syndicate, making sure that every consortium member follows the code of honor and prevent the Consortium from being exposed by dealing with traitors and spies among their ranks. The remaining branches consists of common dealers who provide the Consortium with various goods, such as food or weapons via their associated factories and finally the Operators who are the backbone of the Consortium field operations. The Consortium also hires outside associates to expand their influence in the region and become the source of new Consortium operators once they prove they are worth of it.

The Consortium has very similar roots to Italian mafia with traditional values of civil defense being cultivated. Unlike most of Criminal organizations, the Consortium is more focused on economy and defense of harmless civilians rather than spreading general chaos and terror among the civilian population. The Consortium is usualy involved in exerting influence, bribery and illegal trade with blackmail, kidnappings and assassinations being a rarity. The only exception when the Consortium members gets to use lethal force is when they are threatened or the Consortium itself is in danger of being exposed to the public. The supreme law for the Consortium is the Code of Honor that is said to have originated from the times of The Brotherhood of the Roster and is brutally enforced by the Vogts and Enforcers with anyone found breaking it usually being sentenced to death by a bullet to the head.


Unlike a regular crime organization, the Consortium has somewhat democratic values. The Vogts, who are appointed among the most loyal Enforcers, vote for one of them to become the Starost every 5 years. The Consortium members usually share their profits among themselves in a mutual atmosphere of brotherly friendship and respect. One of the most astonishing achievements reached by the Consortium are legit businesses in which they hire civilians to work for a fair share, allowing the business owners to pay taxes to the local governments, lulling the senses of tax organs and winning the favor of citizens.

The Consortium is distrustful of the government, seeing them as the oppressive combine that prevents a man from making their own destiny. Yet, if necessary, the Consortium will cooperate with the governmental forces to ensure that the Consortium and/or innocent civilians suffer not from the upcoming calamities. They may even announce a temporal truce with the government in favor of saving as many lives as possible.

Other Mafia/Resistance groups are considered neutral by the Consortium who see them as a source of recruitment and trade rather than rivalry.

The most important group to the Consortium are Civilians who are considered not only as the source of revenue and recruitment but also the source of traditional values the Consortium once swore to protect as the Brotherhood of the Roster.


Little is known about the process of recruitment in the Consortium. The only data available shows that the Consortium recruits it's members via connections among civilians and mafia circles. It is also said that the Consortium is dispatching it's operators to observe promissing people in order to evaluate if they are worth joining the Consortium or not.

Positions within the Consortium:

The Vogt - A district commander of Consortium forces. He’s responsible for coordinating their operations in the region, recruitment of new members and bureaucratic cohesion of Consortium district under his control, such as securing necessary permits, licences or buildings for future use. They have total power over their subordinates and will stop at nothing to reach the goals for the Consortium.

Consortium Enforcer - An extremely trusted member of the Consortium who acts as a kind of internal police force for the syndicate, making sure that every Consortium member follows the code of honor and preventing the Consortium from being exposed by dealing with traitors and spies while enforcing security procedures. Enforcers participate in raids on enemy compounds and provide security to the Consortium Facilities. Enforces are are allowed to recruit associates to assist the Consortium in raids and other tasks that might require assistance from outside.

Consortium Operator - Being the backbone of Consortium, Operators are given all sorts of tasks to fulfill in order to provide profit for the Consortium and keep it safe. Their daily tasks are focused on managing illegal businesses, such as Consortium property protection, producing drugs, printing money, protection racketing, and managing businesses under Consortium control. If it is necessary they may participate in raids against enemy compounds and get involved into more violent actions. They are also responsible for hiring citizens to work in Consortium facilities and on farms for a fair share.

✉ Custom Jobs(s): ✉
Custom Group RGB value: 3b0075 (59, 0, 117)

Job One:
Slots: 1
Name: The Vogt
Type: Mafia
Equipment: doi_atow_webley, doi_atow_m1928a1, lockpick, weapon_cuff_shackles
Abilities: FakeID
Model: German Upper Class Civilian + Mafia

Job Two:
Slots: 2
Name: Consortium Enforcer
Type: Mafia
Equipment: doi_atow_webley, doi_atow_ithaca37, lockpick, weapon_cuff_shackles
Abilities: FakeID
Model: German Upper Class Civilian + Mafia

Job Three:
Slots: 5
Name: Consortium Operator
Type: Mafia
Equipment: doi_atow_webley, doi_atow_m3greasegun, lockpick, weapon_cuff_shackles
Abilities: N/A
Model: German Upper Class Civilian + Mafia

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