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Your In-game name: Malte Kruste; Maximilian Vogel

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:158514753


Reason of the warning: Failrp [Tier I] Closing doors while shackled

Date you were warned on: 21/06/2020 about 2 am GMT

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Herman Stellman  / tim260 / STEAM_0:1:54981162


Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: I was arrested by Stellman correctly. As he wanted to bring me inside of MB I closed the door behind us. He said in OOC if you close a door while shackled again he will warn me. I understood and we continued. When we were entering FG Kasserne I closed the door out of reflex again accidentally. Its because I close and lock so many doors that when I don't think about what I am doing I automatically close the door. I understand what I have done wrong. But Is it really failrp to close a door while shackled. In real life, you could close a door while shackled either with your foot or your shackled hands as it is easy to push a door closed.


Do you think your warning was justified: If it is considered fairlrp closing a door while shackled then yes the warning is justified
Why should you be unwarned: 1. I think I should be unwarned because after playing tons of hours on the server I close doors without thinking. And normally it is a good thing because we are told to always close and lock doors. I pardon the reflexes. And for me doing it accidentally while being cuffed is a little harsh in my opinion.
2. I do not comprehend why closing a door while shackled is failrp. In the case of being shackled, you can always move the door with one of your 2 feet or take your shackled arms and push the door.

Any kind of evidence: N/A

Additional information: N/A

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Tier Is are for accidental occurrences, in this case as it was an accident a Tier I was issued and shall remain. 

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