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Your In-game name:Daniel Siegel

Your Steam ID:


Reason of the ban: Breaking FearRP under gun point

Date you were banned on: 20 june

Duration of ban: 2 days

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID):

I dont remember his name

Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail:

I was being kidnapped a second time by a man at the MB and when he told me to drop my gun,i did and during a second of inattention i escaped and waited for him behind a wall,used my secondary weapon and shot him to death

Do you think your ban was justified:

No because it was legitimate defense and when he kidnapped me for a first time when i was afk he wasnt sanctionned

Why should you be unbanned:

Because i never have the occasion to play on weekend due to my studies and i would like to relax a bit playing games,so being banned just ruin my weekend.

Any kind of evidence:None

Additional information: Im limited physically so videos games are the only things i can still do


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Proper Unban request
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+1 / -1 (Depends)

If you were not tied up, and not under gunpoint, then you shouldn't have been warned


Here are some rules that I believe may involved

The FearRP rules are : 

1.4.1: If a gun is pointed at you, you must do whatever the person with the weapon tells you (Safety does not count as gunpoint). An exception to this are unreasonable / Fail-RP demands.
1.4.2: You may not take a weapon out or disable your weapon’s safety while at gunpoint. 
1.4.3: If you are in a car and you are at gunpoint, you must still abide by Fear-RP. Keep in mind the gunpoint does not affect all the occupants of the vehicle, but only the player that is the closest to the gun pointer. 
Example: if you want to gunpoint 4 occupants, you need 4 players outside of the vehicle with their weapons pointed at the occupants.

Other rules 

4.2.5: If you are being kidnapped, you may not break out of your cuffs unless you are in an empty room. You are also not allowed to kill yourself. 

4.2.6: As the victim of a kidnap or arrest, you may not attempt to run or pull out a gun when the kidnapper/policeman tries to cuff you. You may not call for assistance through PM /group chat during anytime. While at gunpoint, you must follow the orders of your captor. 
Stripping comms can be performed by certain server groups. These groups can be found by doing !radiocommands in game. 


There is nothing here about escaping a kidnap, (unless you were under gunpoint when you had killed your kidnapper.)

Its really hard to get a verdict on this without any kind of video or image to use as evidence.

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Hello, Siegel.
You had been kidnapped inside the MB by a member of the resistance.
During the kidnapping, you were ordered to drop your weapons, immediately after dropping your weapons, your kidnapper looked away and you sprinted our the firing range.
You were immediately in pursuit by the kidnapper who had you under gunpoint from behind.
You proceeded to turn around and shoot him, ultimately killing, which is why you scored a FailRP [Tier II] & RDM [Tier II]
I'll ask for the video and attach it if I receive it.

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Bam was valid and shall remain. 

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