Gotthard Frey

Gotthard Frey Unwarn Request | ARDM in Spawn

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Your In-game name: Gotthard Frey

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56082649

Reason of the warning: ARDM in Spawn

Date you were warned on: January 28th.

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Aron Magńusson

Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: At this point of me being in the server I was very new as I had only joined in either that month or a month prior. I was a member of the criminal team and I was testing my weapon's recoil, aim, and accuracy. I was shooting in spawn at a wall a fair distance away from most of the people there in spawn. The weapon I was using though I believe was the Webley MK. II aka the most famous minge weapon so this is likely why the assumption was made that I was attempting to kill people in spawn.

Do you think your warning was justified: In retrospect while looking back at what happened its understandable for him to make the assumption that I was attempting to RDM but really since I did no damage to anybody and was not targeting anybody in particular I don't think it was very justified for the warn to have been issued and I think if there was a bit more communication during the sit that it would have been more obvious.

Why should you be unwarned: I believe I should be unwarned because to be honest it looks like it was a misunderstanding or maybe just a rushed sit. Unless somebody is shooting at or towards somebody I do not believe that a warning for ARDM should be issued because it is not an attempted random death match. Everybody makes mistakes and it looks to me that this warn was one.

Any kind of evidence: No because of how long ago it was as well I didn't have Geforce Experience setup at the time.

Additional Information: I don't often do unwarn requests and in the future I doubt I'll be doing anymore in the near future but it just feels stupid of me to not at least attempt to get this one appealed since I don't feel like it was necessary. The spawn is really the only place out of character except for the chess club and during sits so it makes it a lot easier to test items and weapons in which normally in character may lead to issues such as your character getting arrested.

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As this happened in spawn, and spawn is an OOC area and as before I have seen unwarn requests that took place in spawn being accepted. The shooting was not aimed at a person and did not hit anymore so I think you did nothing wrong.

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Not because I don't believe what you said but looking at your warns it is a "Tier 1" warning. The tier 1 warnings are for situations like this where it is unintentional.

EDIT: Might've read this too fast, did you hit anyone while shooting?

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It is your fault, not the other players. If you weren't shooting, you couldn't have hit them. Tier I's are for accidental, unintentional occurrences, this is simply one of those. 

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