Chaos Insurgency Infiltrator Application

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OOC Section
Steam Name : Tanken
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:46816078
In-Game Level & Rank:

Level 50 - Platinum VIP
State what groups you are in(If you're in any):

Playtime (5 days minimum, exceptions can be made):

5 days
Warns (Only 20 Warns Minimum, Exceptions can be made):

1 Warn at 10 minutes gameplay, none since. 

What can you bring to the Chaos Insurgency:

I think i can bring a strong bodied and endless willed soldier that will fight for the group to end.
Why do you want to join the Chaos Insurgency?:
CI & D-Class have always been my favourite roles. The Chaos, mainly, is what makes me enjoy these roles so much, from my previous expirence as a CI Spy murdering dozens of guards to playing D-Class and causing a revolution against the foundation which pulled our shackles.

Do you understand that if you break any CI rules you will be punished:

Indeed I do.
Please rate your combat skill out of 10:

Please rate your roleplaying skill out of 10:

Please explain in your own words what the Chaos Insurgency and Slate Thunder is (Copying may result in a blacklist):
Slate Thunder is the codename for the orentation program for Chaos Insurgency members to understand how we act.
At the start of the Chaos Insurgency, they were instead a task-force named the 'Insurgency' only known/anwsering to the O5-Council, after 24 years of service to the SCP Foundation they abandoned their service and took many anomalies and researchers with them. Several raids on Foundation Sites caught them the name 'the Chaos Insurgency.'

What are the primary goals of the Chaos Insurgency:

Use the several anomalies to better ourselves as a species.
(such as finding the real purpose of SCP-884 after stealing it from the foundation.)
When was the Chaos Insurgency founded?: 1924
In Character Section
Roleplaying Name(You will use this name when playing CI): Corven Pilkingan
What is your character's backstory (Keep in mind, having edgy backstory will get you denied) (250 words minimum): 

Corven was born in Southern England, in the North-East of London most commonly known for low-class labour such as the dense industry and service in the military as an alternative. Corven is 28 and has seen multiple field engagements through work as a for hire combatant across a war torn and ravaged Africa. Duty and sacrifice is what has lead Corven on the path to prestige in his PMC, but after a ambushed engagement by one of several combined African warlords his band of soldiers was torn to pieces by heavy machine gun fire on a lightly wooded road. He managed to retreat across a broken path, hidden from the combatants, with a few of the stragglers who were covered by humvee armour at the back of the column. Proceeding onward, he managed to find a small port which would offer him a ride back to Britain for the price of his bands weapons and dog tags. Officially, Corven was off the map. Finding his impoverished nomadic life back in Britain too tough to deal with he turned to what he knew best: the Military. After pursuing an unusual contact he found work which would take his life in a new direction, where being off the map would be his biggest benefit and would lead him to be the perfect Insurgent. From this point, his skills and shady history provoked characters wishing to use his skills to better the cause, which led to him finding work within the Chaos Insurgency. Although being relatively new, he has adapted quickly to the new situation taking up his position honourably.

You heard that COTBG is wanted from the Foundation for taking SCP-1370. As you are heading over to Gate A, you see COTBG leaving with SCP-1370. What do you do?:
Keep him safe as he takes the SCP out of the facility and into safer hands.

You and your fellow operatives are inside the foundation, You spot 3 different ways to cause havoc.
Option A: You see 2 engineers that are currently doing maintenance on a containment chamber. 
Option B: You see the SD currently talking to the HR. 
Option😄 You see 3 D-Class being escorted by an MTF guard what do you do and why?:

I would go for the kidnap on the Site Director and Head Researcher as they will prove a great asset for pulling away 
valuable security forces from key points on the security checkpoints. If you were to release 3 d-class, they would likely get swept by powerful MTF units whilst if you had invaluable hostages, breakouts and other allied GOI's could make some major damage and havoc. Not to forget that the SD and HR both have very valuable comm channels which could be used to disrupt the facility further.
You and another GOI have made in terms to form a temporary alliance to hack into the Foundation Server. 
As the hack is currently at 50%, you can hear people forming a plan to do an attack at any moment. What do you do?:

Securing a good choke-point to attack from would be pivotal, from the point they charge, kill as many as possible, then initiate a swift counter attack to overwhelm their forces.
You breached SCP-106 to cause havoc and chaos in the Foundation. 
As you hear over the intercoms, Containment Specialists are bringing Class Ds and are ready to activate the Femur Breaker to contain SCP-106. What do you do?:
Containment specialists are likely to have some skilled guard staff with them such as a few MTF units. This would therefore make attempting a fight might land us unneeded casualties, rather, i would redirect my time to create chaos elsewhere, such as breaching other SCP's like the 939s or 682. 106 would provide the perfect distraction for foundation staff.

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Absolute chad RP. Established Mayoral dictatorship and played both sides, CI and Foundation to the point that the CI were trying to break him out of the foundation while the foundation were protecting him FROM the CI.

Best RP'er and perfect for the role.

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5 minutes ago, Bernie Clancy said:

This is the wrong place to apply for this you are supposed to comment your application under the original thread

My bad, I have made the post there too, didn't read into the comments too much

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