Replace Drones with Drones Rewrite.

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While I do get that the Drones Rewrite file is 8x larger than the Drones addon, it's also like 20x as big and diverse, compared to the current Drones.

A list of additions from Rewrite that I could think of off the top of my head includes:

-Customizable drones, really fucking cool

-Ground-based drones.

-Diverse set of aerial drones, including anything from nanodrones to a fucking mothership.

-Diverse set of ground drones, including anything from spider-drones to a multi-legged autonomous tank.

-Hacking, observing and utilizing drones via a hacking console.

-Easy AI addition with AI modules, giving it different functions allowing for NPC drones too.

Link to Drones Rewrite.

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Whilst this is a better addon than our current one, it's going to be extremely difficult to justify having a 80MB addon for a single job. We will test it and see if there's potentially any other jobs that can use drones, or if the AI/Customizable ones can A: Run fine without lag and B: Get significant use in Events.


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