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Your In-game name: Johan Boek

Your Steam ID: xxx_noscope_69

Reason of the ban: fail rp (i think)

Date you were banned on: 22-6-2020

Duration of ban: for 22-6-2020 till 24-6-2020

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): i dont know


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: so i was a being  kipnapped by a man and hi told me to drop my gun on the ground but i shot him by mistake coz i really had a shitty mouse (and coz i dindt know what i was doing coz it was my first day )and a lil bit of pressure and i click ,so yeah then i shot the guy in the head (i am sorry) and then something really unlucky happend my wifi died so i was out of the server  when i fixed my wifi and i login back in i was banned 

Do you think your ban was justified: yes, i understand it i just want that the whole story is out there

Why should you be unbanned: because i got a new mouse for what happend so it wont happen again and i feel really bad about what happend coz its my favorite sever to play on and i really wanne buy vip so i can give u guys some money for this awsome place,and i really dindt had the change to tell my part of the story

Any kind of evidence: none 

Additional information:      IF U DONT UNBAN ME I UNDERSTAND I JUST WANNED YOU TO KNOW MY PART but please unban me ,pretty please

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The logs show if you crash [or lose connection due to WiFi issues], or disconnect yourself. Our staff check this, and use this in if they are to issue a ban. You were banned for LTAP, so purposefully left as noted in the logs while in the process of, or about to, receive punishment from staff. 

Ban shall remain, take these two days to read our rules also found on the forums. 

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