Unban appeal

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Your in game name: Jacob Tree (as far as I remember)

Username: Crocodile

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:95540272

Admin that banned me: I don't know.

Why I got banned? 

I got mad for a guy lying in sit. i was mad and shot him which i regret very much.

How long have I been banned for?


Why you should unban me?

I got banned about 8 months ago and I really changed if it comes to multiplayer. I'm a lot less toxic and I regret the action I made earlier. I really love that server, community and the whole idea of it. I would love to return.


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Im not justifying your actions or anything but...

man people who lie in a sit are not nice people and the thing is if the console registered more stuff and said it like

"(name) hit (name) with a stunstick" then lying in a sit would become less affective...

I feel you man but you still shouldn't of splattered their brains instead of trying to get the admin to believe your end of the story.

You deserve a second chance


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