Police Department Improvements

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Obviously tasers were removed for a very good reason. The police department had no fucking idea what to do with them and decided to use them to annoy the fuck out of people, like in real life. Some of you love tasers (most likely the people who use em) and some of you hate them (most likely the people they get used on).

Now the Chief Of Police finally got access to the taser again, while the rest of the PD (SWAT Units, Police Officer's) did not.

What is this suggestion all about ?

You've probably already read the title of this suggestion. I would like make some changes to the current police department.
I personally think that tasers, for example, were a great addition to the PD. Finally there was a non lethal weapon out there you could use to actually get people to stop. 
The tasers made "arresting people" an actual thing. You did not have to point weapons anymore and shout "STOP OR IM GONNA SHOOT YOU !".
And we all know that this almost always ends in a shootout or a seemingly never ending pursuit, which will sooner or later also end in a shootout.

But how is the PD supposed to avoid scenarios like those I described above, if there's only one unit with a taser ?
Why should some random job, which requires you to be level 30, get a taser but not a job, which requires you to be level 25 (SWAT) ?

While we are already talking about levels, how are we even supposed to get a good role playing experience from a job, which literally has no requirements ?
We trust every player, with a level greater than 10, to become a police officer. How is that supposed to end well ? 

All of us have experienced behavior some call "mingy", coming from the police :

  • Police raiding the foundation for no reason at all
  • Police using the taser on people for no apparent reason
  • Police just cuffing and jailing people, who were minding their own business
  • Police overall not doing their job

Most of those problems were solved, by simply reducing the PD's power to a minimum. For example by removing the taser.
Why can't the PD on the server be like any other group ?...

I think we should start making the police department a group people can enjoy interacting with, which is why I think the following suggestions could improve the PD.

What I think could make a difference:

  • Increase "Police Officer" level requirement from "Level 10" to "Level 20/25".
    More experienced players will definitely improve the PD's organisation. Increase in...
    - Player's that will actually respond to what you are saying and in general communicate with other's
    - Player's that will have more knowledge about the server and it's rules
  • Increase "SWAT" level requirement from "Level 25" to "Level 30/35".
    Why should a "special task force" be open to the majority of the server ? Increase in...
    - Player's that are more experienced and actually know how to follow orders 
  • Increase "Police Chief" level requirement from "Level 30" to "Level 40" / Whitelist "Police Chief" (optional).
    The PD needs someone who is experienced enough to handle various operations at once. Someone who is trained and knows what to do in high risk situations.
    MTF NU-7 Commander, MTF E-11 Commander, MTF Beta-1 Commander, Chaos Insurgency Delta... Every big group needs a leader. Enormous Increase in...
    -  Player's that actually know how to behave
    -  Player's that know what to do in high risk situations
    Also... The Job can finally be trusted with advanced tools and weapons
  • Give "SWAT" access to taser's and actual tactical gear.
    SWAT as in "Special Weapons and Tactics". SWAT could definitely use some advanced gear. 
    - Add Taser's 
    - Add Stun Grenade's
    - Add own comms (could be used for certain operations only performed by SWAT)
    - Give access to surveillance drones (optional)
  • Give "Police Officer" access to taser's (optional).
    How are taser's of any use, if they can't be carried by the people, who are actually making arrests.
    - NON Lethal way of engaging criminals


Last Words

This all is something I've wanted to say for a while. I've been a part of this community for many years now and I've seen the server improve over the years.
I'm so grateful to be able to be a part of this community and I thank every single one of you for being there and making the server as interesting as it is today.
Some things I have said in this topic might sound a little weird. I started this topic, thinking I would only want to suggest one small thing... Turns out I actually had a little bit more to say. Anyway my apologies, if some things sound out of place.
If you have any thoughts or ideas, please share them with me and/or the community. I'm pretty sure we all would love to hear them.

Also... English is not my native language so please excuse any mistakes you see. Thank you all for reading !


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bobby 2 but with reasonable suggestions

+1 to all but SWAT Comms and WL Chief (should just be like VIP too or something) and giving Officer Tazers.  Mostly reasonable besides the ones i didnt +1.

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I like the tazer part.  Yes it may seem like too much power, but being jailed doesn't kill you. I'd rather be tazed, jailed, released,  then continue the RP I was doing than being shot and losing the opportunity to return to it.


And yes, tazers can help PD lower the amount of shootouts by a lot. But maybe not give officers tazers yet. Experiment with SWAT first perhaps. 

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Not sure if you will actually find people that are willing to apply and then actively play Police Chief as it is really not the focus on an SCP-RP Server. 

I am not saying that that Idea isn't good (I think it would be great), but I doubt that it would work on a server with so many more interesting classes.



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Neutral/Leaning toward +1

I know I have more reasons for bad but I have mixed feelings about dis



I like the Idea of upping the level hopefully this will stop random wars between the foundation and PD (It wont we all know external affairs shoot now and fuck over the site lol)

Give Tasers to the Police but that being said I think they should add a rule where you cannot use tasers in combat as that would make it quite unfair

PD with more brain cells is a good thing



On 6/26/2020 at 12:20 PM, Noe Rock said:

Not sure if you will actually find people that are willing to apply and then actively play Police Chief

yeah I agree people will not be active on it since the job is kind of dead already I mean hey why play as Police when you can be an anomalous drug/weapons dealer or people who can just raid the foundation with explosives and stuff, It would just make it rare to see anyone play it for two reason 

1. You can play a job that is more active

2. People dont like applying for stuff

Stun Grenades: Would be spammed at Door ways and theres already a freeze grenade and there is no such thing as it the only reason Chaos and other GOI can make that is because they are anomaly have more intell on how to make this sort of stuff also it breaks american laws to use this

Giving Swat Drones? I dont agree to this but if you only give one to the Chief/Mayor I`ll be fine with this unless the drones have mini guns on them or are so small you cant see them

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