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Kinqu Kyle's HoEA App

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RP Name:Kinqu Kyle.
Steam Name:K1nqu
Steam ID:
Playtime and Level: 5w 0d 4h, Level 50
Warns:14 warns


What is the Department of External Affairs?: Department of External affair or DoEA is a Foundations group that manages and controls any situations related to
Groups of Intrests or any information leaks about SCP Foundation itself, DoEA is mainly tasked with protecting Foundations secrecy and any objects releated to it.

Who is the Head of External Affairs?:Head of External Affairs or HoEA is the leader of the on site External Affairs Agents and Field Agents, He manages the work of the Field agents on surface and helps MTF with planning raids, Head of External Affairs is tasked with on site managment of relations and situations releated to Groups of Intrests.

What is GOI?: GOI is a short version of Group of Interest wich are basicly other Foundation like organizations in the anomulus world, Groups of Interst are various from thoese who want to protect the world from the anomulus such as SCP Foundation itself wich secure, protect and researches the anomalies or G.O.C (Global Occoult Coalition) the United Nations version of Foundation but instead of securing, containing and protecting the anomulus they destroy  any forms of anomalies. Some organizations use the anomalies to benefit themselfs such as Chaos Insurgency who weaponize the anomalies to destroy the Foundation , there are thoese who sell the anomalies such as Marshall, Carter & Dark. Of course in this strange anomulus world there would be thoese who worship the anomulus such organizations are COTBG (Church of The Broken God) and Sarkics cult, These two fight over their gods ,COTBG belives in Mekhane The god of  Metal and Machines , Sarkics however belive in Yaldabaoth the god of Flesh.

Who does HoEA answer to: Mainly HoEA reports to O5 Council but Site Director still has authority over him.

What are the duties of a HoEA?: The duties of HoEA varies but mainly is to help the local DoEA branch and manage his Agents and Field agents , duty of HoEA is to also 
manage any information leaks about Foundaion or any anomalies that show up on surface that may cause Foundations reveal to the public.

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12?: Mobile Task force Sigma-66 "Sixteen Tons" is a MTF consisting of captured Groups of Interst combative personel.

Omega-12 "Achilles' Heels" Consists of captured Anomalies that are willing or not to help foundation in their goals.

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI: SCP Foundation is a Group of Interst that main goal is to Secure Contain and Protect the anomulus, their main focus is to keep the anomalies away from the public and research them for better understanding of their anomulus powers, Foundation was sometimes assisted by Globall Ocoullt Coalition and Church of the broken god but mainly they work alone.


This is my first ever application so if anyone would like to point out any flaws in it then please say it in the comments.

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