A teleporter system

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What your suggestion is: Implement a portal system to allow EPS to move people around easily

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727161410&searchtext=Witcher+Portal

Any additional information: This was originaly suggested, but I believe it could work in a different way 
How it would work, instead of EPS having to change all the spawns on maps like rishi and anaxes when they want to do a base retake they can use this to quickly set it up. It also could be used on maps like courasont and nar shadar when LAATS cant be used to quickly move people to different locations. 
I have to reinforce this will not take the job away from CE, it is simply to allow eps to do more with more enclosed maps. 

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This could be very helpful for EPS, so they can set the portals around and the activate them when they need them. Witcher gates are already in SCP RP so I dont see the reason why the couldn´t be here. They can be even used for frontline regiments to get to the front line much more faster. Definitly not a bad idea.


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+1 this is useful on those maps where transport is not accessible and long distances are needed to be ran

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It would be easier for the Ep's to set up spawns



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Would be a nice addition.

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