Unban request Attempt 2

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Server you got banned from:  SCP-RP

Your name in-game: Kenneth Septimus

Your SteamID: steamID: STEAM_0:1:88175108
steamID3: [U:1:176350217]
steamID64: 76561198136615945

Admins' name that banned you: i don't remember

Admin's steamID: 

Why did you get banned?: Banned for exploiting a adv dupe 2


I spawned in a teleporter that allowed me access to the facility at any time and i was never going to use it, but a person i had friended on the server saw it and pushed the button so it started teleporting back and fourth.

I did not see that he was doing it all i knew is that for some reason he did and that is the reason i got banned

i think i deserve to be unbanned as i did not know that was happening at that point and only a few months back did i get a reason to as for why, and i have spent over a week on the server in total and miss the server like hell.

Anything else?:

I would be gratefull if you accepted my request but i would think so as this here would be very suspicious because it sounds like i made it up...

so thank you for reading this and i hope you have a great day.



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Sorry but I don't understand your reasoning.

You spawned it in to not use it, why did you spawn it in then?!


And somehow you did not notice that your friend was using the teleporter? I call BS.

You said it has been a few months now but seeing that you are not fully honest in your appeal I don't think you should return for now.

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If I remember correctly,  and I may be wrong,


But aren't you the guy who already have requested an unban on the previous forums, and was denied for arguing that it's not your fault he used your machine,  yet the admin in noclip spectating you told us that you were teaching him how to make it, and I quote from what I recall

"This most likely is not allowed,  so dont tell others/use it too much"


But I may be wrong, you may be just another guy who abused it. 

If you are the guy I'm talking about, +1. Its been a long time, and yes what you did was immensely impactful for the server's flow.  Yet, it's been some time, and you may have learnt from your mistakes.


However,  if you deny you are the person I am talking about, -1, as I dont see any reason to think you've learnt anything yet. 


Good luck eitherway!

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