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John Wallcroft Unban Request lol

Unban John Wallcroft  

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My In game name: John Wallcroft

STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:457706317

Steam Name: Dim0n 😐

What is the reason for your ban: "Going Rogue"

Name of the staff member who banned you: Joshy Freeman

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:
Let me first with explaining the situation. Church and CI were raiding, they had a Zeta-3 (Mark Kuntson) and a construct (Bill Pill). I went to see the situation and saw that they had the entire Site Administration captured in the interrogation room. Immediately putting me under ConsequenceRP (can't attack the hostiles because I might end up getting Site Admins killed). That's why I didn't kill the hostiles, also let me point out I'm a inexperienced security guard that would have to take on at least 7 other people, including a cyborg and a fucking robot with 1500hp. Basically fighting=futile. I was helping them in the beginning to make sure Site Admins don't die and wait for eventual reinforcements (everyone at this point is under NLR lol). While in Joshy's eyes it was defecting, when I phyisically couldn't help the Site Admins without either getting me, them or both us killed. The warn shouldn't of happened in the first place. Unless Joshy provides actual video proof or his point of view, It's just a situation of where none of us can prove each others points and will just end up being a majority wins. Democracy always wins. 
Banning me from most GOI discords was a low blow man.

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If what you said is the full truth, then I believe there was no real reason to punish you.


Will update if any future information counters his POV.


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Wallcroft is a known member of the SCP-RP community and banning him for FearRP (which is not forbidden but optional) is pretty stupid. In my opinion the sitaution should not be bannable, since I took part in the raid as Zeta-3. Remove the ban/warn compleatly


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From what I have heard this situation is clearly fucked and messed. Wallcroft was fair in his decision to not try and fight an overwhelming force so that the Site Admins would not die.


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He fulfilled his duties in RP accordingly to how it should have played out in that scenario if the information provided is fully factual. FearRP is optional but consequence RP is not meaning the punishment should not have happened at all.

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From what it sounds like, you were under consequence RP (which very few actually follow, applause to you) and had to act on the good will in an attempt to keep the site Administration alive. Not shooting, opening doors and giving comms is going rouge/minging.  

However, if you are under Consequence RP, all of this becomes allowed in order to keep them alive

If what you are saying is true, then Joshy may have overlooked the fact you were under consequence RP and instead watched you minging, which may have resulted in this punishment.  

The possibility of this isn't that small either, as very few follow the rule or care to enforce it when it is minor in most cases,  therein,  staff doesn't experience the enforcement of that rule too much.


So, +1. Not only did you not break any rules, you were actually complying with them. 

(Now, I should ask for clarification, are you still under consequence RP if you cant see them anymore but know they they still have the hostages?)


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Back when you were permanently banned the first time for exploiting through the map and getting your friend to go rogue for you to help you inside Foundation, you had managed to rack up a massive 25 Warns. Your old SteamID and thus your old warn list was lost when we moved Forums. Thankfully someone sent me a link that allows you to see the old forums and I was able to grab your old SteamID from them (List of Warns):


As per your condition for your (Very Lenient) unban you were told that if you got one more warn, you would be perma banned. As time went on we forgot about this condition and allowed you to rack up 7 more warns:


This adds up to a massive total of 32 Warns. At around 30 SMT discusses perma bans based on warn numbers, and I believe the system may automatically perma ban you for hitting the limit (No one has actually managed to get such a hilariously high number of warns so we simply don't know) it's also pretty difficult to get warned on this server.

Now, was Joshy harsh in warning you and banning you for going rogue? Yes, he was. Should you have even been playing on the server at that time and not been banned? No, you shouldn't. You should have in my opinion never have been unbanned in the first place, we have been more than lenient with you and you took the piss and couldn't stop breaking rules. You had a very simple option of not breaking any rules since your unban, you decided to carry on breaking them. You've had 32 clear chances to change and one massive second chance and you have taken none of them.

I guarantee if you were some random with 32 warns and a prior perma ban for exploiting, you wouldn't have any +1s on this thread. You haven't changed, have shown 0 willingness to change and we've had enough. Any further unban requests will be denied.

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