Up Prop Limit For God's Sake

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Up The Damn Prop Limit.


Pretty much a repost of my Community Suggestion (image below explaining why).  Up the prop limit.  It's so small its hard to create functioning and good looking dupes.  Dupes that worked months ago can no longer fully spawn, which is retarded.  No reason to lower it either, as building does enhance RP, such as Offices.


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- If the concern is that players will spam or make large dupes that will lag up the server, a WL system where players can receive a higher prop limit if they are trustworthy and require it to make their dupes. 

But in general the overall prop limit should be increased, I hardly see the issue anyways with GOIs just centering over 1 base and Foundation making simple offices and possible FOBs, nothing crazy to be needing a lower prop limit. 

And as a counter argument, sure I guess you could work around the prop limit and make simple crude bases that are functional, but it's more like cooking, I can just cook my basic nutritious needs and leave, or I could make it look nice and make it tasty. I don't want for my base to be some single colored box with 2 fading doors, I want some depth, which can be done with a minor increase to the prop limit.  

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