Unban request

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My In-Game name: Hornet

STEAMID: 76561199068204825

Steam Name: TheIceyHorney

What is the reason for your ban: Doesn’t have a reason 

How long were you banned for: 2 days

Name of the staff member who banned you: Doesn’t say 

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: I don’t know what I did to get banned. I haven’t got any warnings 

Evidence: It should show I’ve done both wrong 

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If it was Kids who banned you i think you are the person yesterday late night who i was arresting and putting in brig as ABS for breaking CL 5 but before i was able to put you in brig you left , now i may be wrong if i am mistaking you for the wrong person i am sorry

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But I definitely didn’t go anywhere near a CL5 zone and if I did I would have taken the 10 mins over a 2 day ban as I’m not a coward or an idiot 😂. It’s all good anyway Aleks 

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I got a claim from a CG reporting LTARP, I check disconnections in logs and you were the only CT that had disconnected (by user) and I asked the CG member (I forgot who) if it was you, "Hornet", and he said yes. So from my POV it was a standard LTARP case.  

LTARP is only 2 days. Making a forum unban request usually takes longer than 2 days to get accepted or denied. It is highly likely you will be unbanne before you get a final response here. I do apologise if somehow it was not you who disconnected though.


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I think the bans over so yeah, friendly reminder if you are AOS or on handcuffs. Don't disconnect there is literally no point to and will lead to you being banned


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who cares




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