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Moonshine Tutorial

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To start the moonshine making process you will have to press F4 > Shop > and buy:

  • Distillery
  • Distillery - Cooler
  • Distillery - Condenser

To construct the distillery you will have to press E on the construction kits and place them on the Distillery.

Spawn a fermentation barrel and add the following items:

Adding items to the Fermentation Barrel: https://i.imgur.com/KXReEEA.mp4

The yeast will have to be ground, you need;

Grinding yeast: https://i.imgur.com/tyeqi8r.mp4

To start the fermentation you have to shake the barrel

Wait for it to finish the fermentation process

While the barrel is fermenting you can start setting up the distillery further

  • Add wood to the boiler, you can spawn a max of 5. You will want to keep a backup of wood because you need to constantly keep adding wood to keep the fire going.
  • Buy a jar pack and put the jars on the condenser platform. 
  • Place a jar crate next to the condenser which you will be able to place 6 full jars in. 

When the fermentation is finished you will have to hold the fermentation barrel above the boiler.

While running the Distillery you will need to constantly monitor several factors.


  • Boil Temperature: After reaching its boil temperature of 20 degrees Celsius it starts to steam in to the cooling part of the distillery.Decrease the temperature of the Boiler with the depressurize valve to avoid it from exploding. You will need to keep the temperate in the "Good zone", if it reaches a 100 degrees Celsius the distillery will explode and you will lose all your progress.
  • Mash Level: You will need to keep adding mash (fermented barrels) to keep the distillery going.
  • Fuel Level: You will need to keep the Fuel level high by adding wood. (Make sure to keep spawning wood)

Distillery Cooler

  • Left bar: The left bar is the amount of mash being cooled.
  • Middle bar: Water level & temperature. You will want to keep the temperature under 10 degrees Celsius. The Cooler now starts to cool down the mash steam and sends it to the Condenser. When cooling the water warms up so draining some of the Water using the Valve and adding new water keeps the temperature low which increase the cooling process.
  • Right bar: The right bar is the amount of cooled down mash still in the Cooler.

Distillery Condenser

The Condenser now condenses now the moonshine to its final product. By adding upgrade modules you can improve speed and production amount of the condenser.

  • Jar Pack: You can spawn Jar Packs and hold them near the condenser platform to place jars that will get filled.
  • Jar Crate: Filled jars will appear next to the condenser and can be placed into Jar Crates (6 max).
  • Pallet: You can place full Jar Crates onto pallets to easily transport them.

The Moonshine Jars can be consumed now or packed in to Jar crates for further selling.

Press Collect on the Jar Crate to "absorb" the crate and take it to an NPC. You can drop the crates you are carrying by typing !dropmoonshine.

Moonshine can be sold to NPCs at the following locations:

  • Slums
  • Boathouse Docks (Next to disguise seller)
  • Rundown Mansion Compound in Forest


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