Mastervandeisel's Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: WereWolf Gaming SCPRP

Your name in-game: Edward Hiltzgard

Your SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:472911901

Admins' name that banned you: Lunar Colony 

Admin's steamID: STEAM_0:0:43028249

Why did you get banned?: Im Unsure Of why I was banned For MRDM And LTAP, As I cant really remember when or why but If I did Cause MRDM And LTAP, Then I am Sorry for the way I acted When It happened


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I Would Try to fix Any Mistakes that I caused Within server around that Category, I Would Respect the Mods and Admins If Im denied for Being appealed Unbanned, I Would Try To help The server grow And Help with the Ones In need. I Would Apologize To the Admin, Mod or Player that I caused That MRDM And LTAP. I Would Help at My best Opportunity to Grow the Community Of WereWolfGaming and Its servers. I am Sincerely Sorry For If I acted In any way, shape Or form towards the persons' that Were MRDMED.

Anything else?:

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7 hours ago, Mastervandeisel said:

Admins' name that banned you: Lunar Colony 

back when lunar was sober




A Perm Ban is a Perm Ban, and its a completely valid one. 

"But Chris, this was a long time ago and he's continually tried to get unbanned, he seems sorry"

Sure, thats true, but I dont trust a man who's story changed to "I didnt do this" to "i did this but it was a long time ago and im sorry", and lied in the past to tried to get unbanned (pic below).  A Perm Ban is a Perm Ban, no reason for it to be lifted.



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