Nathan Kennedy

I am lost.

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Research RP

Guards give Class D to Science Team

Science Team sacrifice Class D to numbers

MTF detain Science Team for sacrificing

A guy in tie tells them to give them to those WL'ED boys

Those WL'ED boys jails the science team for hours because they think they can



Kill RP

Church holds a preach, then goes Doom Eternal on Foundation. 

Sarkics go online, die, kill, die, offline

Club sells guns

PD dies, failraids and dies more

Oniroi kidnaps people mentally 

Chaos boys kills and dies 50/50

Was that your question or did I misunderstand something?

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Heres a  tip

Disguise as officer

Wait for someone  to come out of foundation

Follow  him

if he suspect you<they gonna call fbi

fbi gonna Give you a tos

Refuse Kill  the fbi guy,

get comms 

Ta da 




If you cant handle the reality to serious, then dont expect  to grow up.

-Military Police

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