stevemc356 (Alexander Moreno) Unban request

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Hello, I'm back after 2 months with a new unban request.


Server you got banned from: Werworlfgaming SCP RP

Your name in-game: Alexander Moreno

Your SteamID: (Gives me '404 not found' when i try to find the account id)

Admins' name that banned you: Don't remember, as it was on the old website

Admin's steamID: Not Available

Why did you get banned?: Mass RDM among D-Class. I Misunderstood the rules about D-Class killing D-Class and killed a couple D-Class using a knife.

Evidence(Un-necessary): None 

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I believe I deserve a second chance since my actions were not malicious with the intent to harm other players. It was a misunderstanding on my end regarding the rules and I now understand them more clearly. I have gone 2 months without access to playing on the server, and during these covid lockdown times it genuinely feels like a year has passed. I promise not to ever commit any sorts of RDM ever in the future without a specific RP role which satisfies such actions.

Anything else?: I hope you can be understanding of my situation.

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