Donkeys Suggestion for non Event Court Cases

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What your suggestion is: Allowing CG SO+ to request court cases

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information:
Basically I think that we never get to use the court room enough for some fun Passive RP other than in the very rare events it happens in! 

My Idea is that when CG are making arrests they can have the option to request for Battalion to host a court case based off the trickery of the CG situation. For example, If say a CT straight up killed a clone, CG would just arrest them as its an obvious offence.
However, sometimes we get situation where a clone (from any regiment) is putting allegations against another clone - For example, Today I went to bunks area on Rishimoon to see a Dead GM Vice Commander! 74th were surrounding the body and upon asking nearby clones, one of the 74th claimed that they saw the GM Senior Commander kill his VC for getting in the way of his Laps he was forced to do.

In this situation I had a dead body, a senior commander who indeed was doing laps - and a 74th examining the body who claims they saw the SCO do it. 
In my eyes this would be an excellent chance to do a court case for passive RP!

1) The Idea is that I would first have to make a request to the Battalion online and explain the situation - Then they decide whether it is valid enough for a courtcase (Grant or Deny the request)
2) If granted Battalion will act as an unbiased judge/jury throughout
3) The witness (in this scenario the 74th) would be the prosecutor and explain their side of the story
4) The Accused (in this scenario the SCO) would then get to explain their side of the story aswell
5) Battalion would then decide upon themselves who will be prosecuted and why

- The options in this scenario would be the GM SCO for killing another clone 
- OR the 74th member for lying to a CG member and handing out fake allegations

I think these could be very fun when a situation as tricky as this procedes itself - and it would just be a great added bonus to have during Passive RP between events!

People aren't forced to attend so they can choose to spectate for fun.

(This is just an idea of how it could work - obviously different situation would apply different court case roles)

Anyways I hope you guys like the Idea, otherwise please leave your opinions and feedback for me to read 😄

I just wish we could make more use out for fun Passive RP like court cases without needing an event planner doing it and having it pre planned out. After all a court is their for actual situations not expected ones. (This doesnt mean i dont want to see it in events, I still really enjoy when they happen by EP's aswell)

CG would still be on their duties so even if they chose to spectate the case we have to deal with any arrests that come up first and leave battalion to deal with the court case (we request it, we don't have to be their though like any other clone or battalion)

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It would add passive RP and also have a use for the court room 

Seems like a waste of 20 minutes were cg could be doing more stuff like trainings or answering to AOS's


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Would add something fun to do during defcon 5 situations, so long as it is done right. If not, it could be teduious and a waste of people's time. The cases in question would need to be interesting and not just typical crimes e.g. a CT jumping off of a balcony or something and being arrested for misconduct, as well as CG will need to call cases and arrests out accordingly and not abuse the system by any means. If done well however, i think it could be some fun RP stuff to do outside of trainings and events.

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+1 / neutral

I think the court room should be used more can make for some fun passive RP.

However, there’s potential for this to be abused and drawn out also having clones constantly having court cases is kinda fail rp tbh would be better if it was only available for other vip jobs like refugees 

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Definitly not a bad idea and I could be pretty interesting and helpful as long as it is not abuse so the the fact that only SO+ can do it is good becuse we sometimes get into these situations where someone accused someone else from something how much we trust their accusation as CG ussually depends on rank and how much we know them (not saying that even CT 4numbers cant be telling the truth). This shouldnt work like that because even SO+ can lie to CG to get someone into trouble for something they had never done.

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-1/ Neutral

- Yeah it would add nice RP but doesn't seem a practical & efficient thing to do.

- I don't want to be stuck in a courtroom as CG dealing with a convoluted arrest.

- Arrest now, ask questions later.

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This would be overly excessive to have in terms of the RP punishment system

It would also always need to be done properly as most court cases end in a minge fest

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