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 (Francisque,a axe used as symbol of the  French State of Vichy)




The French State of Vichy was founded by Philipe Pétain,Marshal  of France and known as the "Hero of Verdun" in July 1940 after the Blitzkrieg and capitulation of France.

The regime will choose the city of Vichy for his popularity as a thermal city and also because it was situated to the frontier between occupied and free Zone.

The regime will collaborate with Germany in intensive ways such as deporting prisoners and jews,the Gouvernement will even have a agreement about creation of the LVF (Legion of French Volunteers) that will join the German army or mute into regiments such as the Charlemagne division.



The group will be composed of 6 slots:The Prefet,The Adjudant,and 4 Gardes Nationaux.

                           The Prefet

The task of the Prefet will be to represent the Marshal and the State of France in foreign relationships such as meeting the Reich officials and negotiation of the French prisoner's in general:war prisoners, criminals,resistants with political discussions as well.

Slots available: 1 

Equipement: Revolver m1917,Fists

Player model:

                          The Adjudant 

The task of the Adjudant will be to lead the Garde Nationaux,charged of the prefet security.

Slots available : 1 

Equipment: Luger p38,Shackles, Medikit


                      The National Guard

The task of the National guard will be charged of the protection of the Prefet,if during a meeting,the prefet or the reich officials are attacked,they must cooperate with the Orpo and the SA. 

Slots available : 4

Equipment : MK2 Machine Pistol,


Where would that group be located: I don't know yet where that group could be,so if you have any suggestions.

Bonus for the Vichy Group:Flags,Portraits.

Edit:The Alignement of this group would be:Nationalist 

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Alignment matters
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Copy and pasted the link to my discord in an attempt for me to give a review, I won't do it when he directly asked me but I will only say -1 - Don't advertise your custom groups to people, let it develop yourself.

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On 7/3/2020 at 12:48 AM, Uncle_Anonymous said:

-1 you're toxic asf. And you PMed me the link. Same story as JTA above. No big no

So he advertised his suggestion?

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In the nicest way possible, no. Just no. 

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