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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link:

I Dr Spaced I +

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan):

Jedi Force Master Space

Teamspeak Name:


Playtime on the Server:

4W 4D 23h

SteamID (


Any experience in staffing: 

Yes I have been a super Admin on a SCP-RP server and a standad admin on a Dark-Rp but theses 
were not recent but in the last 2 years. However I still feel confident with the ULX commands due to practicing on private server 
when playing with friends.

Current Age:


Warns/Bans: None

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:


Event Plan:

Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template):

Map: Annaxes

Clone ECs:

CIS pilot / Disguised Republic Pilot : (I will be the one dropping off the 2 Maintenance Droids) 

CIS Advanced Droids / Disguised Maintenance Droids: 10,000HP x2 (Amount depends on players on server) Lives: 1

Commando Droid: Base HP x3

B1 Heavy Droid, Base HP, x5-7 (Depending on playercount)]

Pilot Droid, Base HP, 1 (One for every 5 Flight Trained CE on] Lives: 3

Sniper Droid, Base HP, 1 (One for every 5 CG on) Lives: 3

Jedi ECs:

Sith Sorcerer (Sith Sorcerer) HP 50000 

Resurrected Sith Lord (Sith Sorcerer) HP 100,000 (Depeneds how many jedi on)

JHD Body Guard HP 40000

Republic's Execution:


(GR is turned off by Maintenance Droids)

Leading Battlion Member: Will ask all troops to GR and our to set up defences outside and to not enter until said so

The battalion will get a secure comms signal that a fellow republic pilot is requesting to land at the base. The battalion will ask for the reason in which they
will find out that this transport is sent from higher-ups to deliver two maintenance droids to upgrade and test the GR. They will then
permit the transport to land and may let them be left alone to get on with their duties. Once GR is turned off and explosions our heard from GR, 
this is when it begins, First of all, the leading battalion member will ask all units to the GR immediately as they suspect that the Maintenance 
Droids our the ones causing this and are not who they think they our. DU will be asked to set up barricades at the entrance of the GR. 
The Leading battalion will then ask all troops to not attack yet or run in but to form up outside of GR with frontline troops next to the doors on both sides. 
This will include CG, 212th, 501st on the left side. Then DU, 327th, GM on the right side. GC, CT, CE will set up on the barricades ready to aim down the hallway 
with 74th setting up behind clones to help any clones that fall back or our injured badly. this will then allow for a massive push in together to Exterminate the 2 Maintenance Droids. Once Battalion gives the order all troops will attack and push in and try to kill the High HP Maintenance Droids as quickly as possible so they cant cause any more damage or do anything else that could harm the republic. Once the droids are killed battalion will ask CE to get the GR back up immediately and may ask CG to help defend just in case. After this, they will find that was just a diversion and that droids have been dropped off and sneaking in behind them in MHB. This is where troops will need to push back all the Droids outside and get DU to set up more defences. This is where Clones will hold for quite a bit, while a big force of droids attacks and try to cause as much damage as possible. GM will try and then flank any hostile from behind by getting up on the hills each side as well as being assisted by GC. This will then be when troops will push out more clearing the droids of each area of the outside of the base, eventually leading out to the main gate where they will be pushed back too and eliminate the rest of the droids from the attack.


When it comes to the Jedi event side once the attack starts the Jedi will organise the Jedi lead and will be sent out to any disturbances they could find.
Once they realise or sense that some sort of evil going is coming from the caves they must head there immediately and the Jedi lead will send everyone
to meet and group up at the caves. Once at the caves the Jedi will push through together until they reach the end of the caves where they will come across
a sith and a JHD, as well as seeing that the sith sorcerer is performing some sort of ritual. The Jedi will get either an ambassador or the event lead to start 
the negotiation and to find out what is going happening and why they are in restricted Jedi caves area. Once they realise that the Sith doesn't want any part
of them being here the Jedi must face the JHD first before they can even get close to the sith sorcerer. Once the JHD has been killed they will realise that
the sith sorcerer has completed his task and they must face a powerful sith lord and his sorcerer friend. The Jedi may choose to try to negotiate out of this 
situation or may need to take the matter into their own hands to try and stop theses 2 evil people from leaving and cause much more damage out in the galaxy. 
Once they have either defeated the sith or come to a conclusion, the Jedi lead he advises the Jedi to search the caves for any more hostile then return to the 
main base to help where they can with the clones. They may also ask to help engage the droids as well if permitted by the battalion lead.

Event Character Execution:


When it comes to the EC's execution it will first start by me as CIS pilot Flying down near to MB. I will ask for permission to land on the base. if asked for a 
reason the pilot will say the reason and urgency of it. Once landed the two droids must head to the GR where they must be left alone to set up a defence 
and plant explosives in the GR, while the other droid starts to upload a virus and turn of the GR and all the power on the base. Once the Lights go off they 
must get to their battle position on 2 defences just outside GR and wait for the clones to push and enter. The droids must hold theses positions when the clones
push and must fight till the death. Once dead they will be changed to B1 droids to help with the main push. When the clones finish the attack and reclaim GR 
the main attack will begin with all droids except pilot droids flanking from behind at LHB and attacking the clones. They must try and hold for as long as possible
before being pushed outside. This is when the Sniper droids will be sent to attack the droids from the mountains on each side and the pilot droids sent out to attack 
from the sky's. Once outside the droids must attack from each part outside MB together and make it harder and more of a challenge for clones to push the droids back. 
When all the sniper droids and pilot droids have used all lives they will be changed to B1 droids to help with the final push. Once the droids attack where they can and 
have fallen back to the main gate. They will be told that they have one life left and must attack until death. When they are all wiped out I will RP advert to let the clones 
know the attack is over.


The Sith and JHD will start at the far end of the Jedi caves where they will set up the sith ritual and begin to advert the resurrection of their fallen sith lord. 
They will continue the sith ritual until the Jedi arrive and will begin interrogating them why they our here on their property. The sith sorcerer will
say they have no time for them and will order the JHD to attack them to protect him from finishing the ritual. The JHD must attack until death and try and 
delay the Jedi as must as possible so the ritual is complete. Once the JHD is dead the sith Lord will then be resurrected and a must harder challenge for the 
Jedi will begin. The two sith now may choose to talk for a bit with the Jedi explaining their great and evil plans and that they must leave. The Jedi should
then realise they can not let them escape. This is when both sith will attack and try and wipe out as many Jedi as possible to weaken their number. The 
Sith lord must fight until the death, However, the Sith sorcerer can choose to fight alongside his Sith lord till death or wait until his lord is dead and 
may choose to surrender or negotiate his way out. Depending on the situation if they surrender will be taken to the brig and transported to coruscant or 
interrogated by shadow and eventually slain. Once the sith EC's die they must change back to their normal job and return to their normal duties.



The CIS has got locations of another republic base and has infiltrated it and stolen a transport and a lot of different republic equipment, 
From this, they return to their Main CIS ship and realise they have enough equipment and resources now to try and invade and attack one of the main 
republic bases being annaxes. With this attack, they aim to be smart and effective to try and cause as much chaos and damage to the base to try and
break the republic and reduce their troops.


A sith sorcerer has been visited by his dead Sith Lord as a ghost telling him that he has perished and died in annaxes Jedi caves. He
tells him he is now strong enough to get to his body and resurrect him to his full power again. The sith accepts the challenge and 
begins his journey to annaxes Jedi caves accompanied by his JHD bodyguard to help protect himself and the sith lord when he returns.

Adverts needed for Event:

[RP] Detonates Explosives in Generator Room
[Pilot-Main CIS Ship] CIS Droids have landed everythink is going to Plan
[Droid-Main CIS Ship] Plan A failed send CIS Renforcements
[RP] Sith ritual ressurection 10%

Text Signs Need:

| Please Wait here untill futher notice |

| Please Change back the event is now over |
| Thank you for playing as Event Characters |

Event Information:

Have you ever Done an Event Before?:

no but have help give input to an event and help set up props / Dupes for an Event Planner

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:

The events that I remeber that had my dupes and input on were successful

Do you understand the responseabilties a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

The responsibilites of an event planner are one to make fun and enjoyable events for both Jedi, Clones and of course. 
The event characters. The goal of an evnet planner is to try and make sure all players have fun in their events and make new
players want to continue playing and come back. Two Make sure to not abuse the power given to them to able to create events. 
The Event Planner rank matches / is equivalant to the Senior-Admin rank which is quite high. Third is to not interfere with staff duties 
just because you have ULX powers. If there are 0 staff online then the EP can help people who are in need.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?:

Yes, I fully understand this and completely agree with it.

Anything else?:

Good luck to all applicants. / W-G E-Planner

Sorry for bad formatting when copying over to forums

(permission to post even though closed given by event management)

Edited by Space

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Fuck it am gonna go +1

You are a nice person with good game time

They kind of need jedi ep's 

Last time a spoke to you you seem really competent 

Edited by Bansheey

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old ranks;

who cares




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I've been playing with this guy for over 7 months now. He is active, friendly and competent.

He can most certainly be trusted with EP. I wish you the best of luck.

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he is kind and competent
He can most certainly be trusted with EP. I wish you the best of luck.
Seems pretty well laid out and clear what the event is going to be.
Pretty active.

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Ultimate +1

- Super active, spends more time ingame than with his mates IRL 😂

- Everyone gets along with him in-game! He is very friendly and committed to his roles

- Has experience being an EP from my old SWRP Server, and did a great job throughout keeping players entertained and coming up with Original ideas!

- I am sure Space would be a great addition to the EP team for WWG

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ep team need some jedi event planners tbh

all other reasons have already been stated above

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Fat +1 (would do fancy colours but cba)

Space works hard at everything he does on the server and in his personal life, He spends allot of time online and has a great imagination and will be a great asset to the EP team as he has had prior experience on a server that I have played on before. He is well recognised and gets along well with everyone from what I have seen.

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+1 pretty good event plan

Really nails the Jedi side which I believe is needed some Jedi events can be lacking sometimes.

When we’ve spoken youve been polite and well mannered.

10/10 event planner application 

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Big fucking +1

Helps if asked, really nice guy
Good playtime
High rank which shows dedication

Good looking event

Good luck Space  : )

Edited by Mort


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Good app

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Great lad

Really helpful and friendly

Dedicated and good playtime

Has experience as staff

Edited by Dish

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-Great guy

-Good playtime

-Everyone else already stated the truth!


Good luck lad!

Edited by Deagle

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We need some event planners with good experience as Jedi

Clearly competent

All other reasons listed above

Good luck! 


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Ill give ya an obese +1
Everything has already been named, also ya bastard stole my chances at EP hehe, Just kidding, Known him for a long time, He is a very competetent fella.
Best of Luck Friend.

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Good community feedback

Well made app

Contact me on TS for an interview

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