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Your In-game name: Erik Biergerstein

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:195421301

Reason of the warning:  FailRp [tier 1] Opening doors in cuffs

Date you were warned on: 2 july 2020

Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Diels on Duty

Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: I was arrested by gestapo and taken to their interrogation dungeon under the MOI. I was there questioned for names of other mafia members and after that dragged out of the cell. When I was out of the cell I clicked "E" on one of the closed doors. The door made a sound (the sound when someone is trying to open it). I didn't think much of it and continued the RP.

Do you think your warning was justified: I don't think it was justifed

Why should you be unwarned:  I later realised  I got a warning from Diels. He didn't take me to a sit and he didn't explain what I did wrong. I didn't even know I got a warning until maybe an hour later. I never opened the door and I never intended to open the door I just simulated my character resisting arrest. Because I was told I was going to get freed but instead I got dragged deeper into the dungeon (and than jailed for 10 minutes).  I also think I should be unwarned because this is a very minor thing. I never opened a door. I didn't disturb the RP and I only made a small clicking noise by pressing E on a door. I also think the way I was warned was very unprofessional since the admin just spactaded me and warned me without telling me I was getting warned or bringing me to a sit.

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Don't really know why you make an unwarn request when you know Tier Is are for accidental, unknowing mistakes...

Warn valid, warn remains.

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