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Buff the scar-H

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The scar-H is an underpowered gun, even though its chambered in 7.62, the same caliber as the G3 but it deals a lot less damage and has a lot more recoil, there are many guns that deal more damage but have less recoil, it would be nice if this would be changed

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Maybe it's possible to lower fire rate and increase damage to 375 dps. 

If it gets too much buffed, it will be somewhat a shotgun . Perhaps just make it a G3A3 2.0. 

Or give it to Swat and figure out if its compatible with them since they're supposed to have low grade guns.  

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lorex, no its a 7.62 rifle with a higher firerate than the G3 irl and firerates are already different on the server so, no, dont nerf firerate, i said 30 to 35 damage because it has a higher firerate than the G3 and with 30 to 35 it has lower damage than the g3, balancing it a bit

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yes im continueing to add stuff
So i used it a bit as TCS, main issues are the mag size combined with the damage, due to its small mag and relatively low damage, you cant kill a lot of people
as the mag size shouldnt be changed the damage should be upped and also the recoil is mean, really mean but with enraged and heroin you can kill quite a few of MTF 

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image.thumb.png.d2e61f38121347f9e84f736d3c35d773.pngAR-15 standard stats and the stats with the attachments: 60 rnd mag, holo, laser, ext ris, grip and heavy stock

Edit: with magnum the AR-15s damage can go up to 35

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Tbh, I don't want this to happen. Because I don't trust Hierarchy with balancing stuff. But if you going to talk with hierarchy about this I will leave a +1.

Edit: +1

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