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Head of External Affairs Template and Overview

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Head of External Affairs



Head of External Affairs is a Security Clearance 4 personnel deployed to ever major Foundation Site in order to manage and handle the local DoEA Branch. As a HoEA you will need to manage the Field Agents and your DEAAs (Department of External Affairs Agents) in order to gather inteligence on Groups of Interest in Ovis, prepare desinformation for the civilian population, sometimes employ new personnel for the Foundation, plan raids and other MTF operations and deal with captured POIs and GOI members. On the server the DoEA and the Inteligence Agency are combined, creating one big department with 4 main branches:

- Administrative and Operations Bureao

- Desinformation Bureao

- Inteligence Bureao

- Recruitment Bureao

As a Head of External Affairs you need protect the Site, from any thread that may come from the Surface. Your job is to ensure that the Site can function without any hostiles or the media standing just ouside the door to screw everything up. 

Head of External Affairs also has access to the Nanite Explosive Inserter - a device inserting a nanite explosive device to a subject's neck, which with a click of a button can explode killing people instantly. This is used to recruit hostile GOI members or anomalous humanoids for Mobile Task Force Sigma-66 "Sixteen Tons" or Omega-12 "Achille's Heels" respectivly.

Job Rules


1. No Combat Converting - rushing someone with the Nanite SWEP to convert them into Sigma-66/Omega-12. The person should be in cuffs before inserting the explosive.

2. Max 2 Omega-12 and 3 Sigma-66 units on Site. If you want to get rid of someone do it quietly and one my one. Pressing the detonation button will kill every O-12/S-66 unit.

3. You report to the O5 Council, but the SD has authority over you, this means his word is final, although if you feel like it was unjust or the SD just does not know what he is talking about, feel free to call B-1 or try to reason with him.

4. You have no power to command any On-Site unit. This includes Mobile Task Forces. As long as they are stationed in the Site, you should inform the SD about any plans or raids before taking command of the MTFs.

5. You are not a combat job. When you order a MTF to do a raid, leave the tactics to them, let them plan the operation beforehand. Do not go on the surface just to observe what is going on and how the raid is going.

6. Limit going to the surface as much as you can. You are a member of the Site Administration. Yes you deal with External Affairs, but you are still a CL4 personnel with Administration comms. Do not risk your life for no reason.

7. When you get a hold of the anomaly, notify the R&DD first. Do not immediatly convert them to Omega-12.

8. No using Sigma-66 to cook anomalous grenades, without CL5 permission. You can make normal nades though.

Application Template




RP Name:

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Playtime and Level (5 days and level 50 minimum):




What is the Department of External Affairs?:

Who is the Head of External Affairs?:

What is a GOI?:

Who does the HoEA anwser to?:

What are the duties of a HoEA?:

What is MTF Sigma-66 and Omega-12?

Describe the SCP Foundation as a GOI:




Director: Cameron Stoker

Vice Director: N/A

Administrative and Operations Bureao Head: N/A


If you do not wish to write a long application we also offer private in-game interviews with one of the Directors, join our discord and look at Recruitment Offices for more information.




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