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Corrupt Guard by Walter Alvarez

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Name: Walter Alvarez

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:503141868

Level: 50

Rank: Plat VIP


So I was playing Class D a lot now and I saw how hard it is to escape during day time so I thought what to do to make it more easy for Class D to escape.

As you already read in the title I would be interrested in a Corrupt Guard who supplys Class D with stuff they could use to make their life a lot better.


Ok but what does this corrupt Guard do?

The corrupt Guard will sell weponary to Class D for the right prize in order to earn some extra salary.


What does the corrupt guard sell and what pirces does the equipment cost?                                                                              

-Kriss 5 Vector  (10000$ per Gun)

-Pistols that you get from supply boxes  (5000$ per Gun)

-Smoke Grenade  (1000$ per Grenade)

-Flash Bang (1000$ per Grenade)

-Hacking Keycard  (500$)

-Level 1 Keycard (5000$)

-Level 2 Keycard (10000$)


Now what level and what rank do I need for that job?

Level 35

VIP/Platinum VIP


What is with the salary?

Well as people think the corrupt Guard is a normal Guard he gets normal Guard salary.


What rules does the corrupt Guard has to follow?

1. The corrupt guard is not allowed to give himself Guns or Grenades.

2. He shall not sell Wepons to Foundation Personal. 

3.The corrupt guard shall not attack or Foundation since he is not to be discovered.

4.The corrupt Guard has to follow orders from the higher up.

5.The corrupt Guard has act like a normal guard.

6.The corrupt Guard only sells his items to Class D but should never directly help them. 


If this Job is not wanted then I would like to hear what ideas you have to improve the Class D escape Chance.

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Lets be real, this will just be a minge fest (not including rule breaking).  D-Class already are fine with their escape chances, as its low (as it should be) but possible.

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I don't think this would be suited well as a Job as it really isn't a job.

(Like have you ever heard about someone applying to be a thief for example?)


I think we should just allow most jobs to drop there weapons.

In my opinion having the ability to go corrupt would add to the roleplay experience and would give B-1 extra work.

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