Kvistens second staff app

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Name: Won't tell my name for privacy. Just call me Kvisten.


What country are you from?: I am from Sweden 


How well do you speak and understand English?: I would say that I speak and understand English well.

SteamID: In-Game name: Master Sergeant Kvisten, Agent Kvisten, David Hayes  

SteamID - STEAM_0:1:209890907


Age?: 17 


Play Time? Must be atleast 3 days. No exceptions(SCP-RP): I have 4w, 0d, 3h?, x m, x s of playtime on this server or something like that.


Are you a VIP/GoldVIP?: I am GoldVIP/PlatVIP 


Do you have a microphone?: Yes, I have a microphone


Do you have TeamSpeak ( Required )?: Yes, I do have TeamSpeak 


Why should we pick you? (250 word minimum): The reason why you should pick have different reasons. First off all is that I have played on this server for quite a long time so I  understand how everything works around the server basically I understand the rules of this server. I have been on this server since V.3 but not played as much on V.3. Which has given me a lot of experience on how this server works. Especially playing a lot of different jobs during my time on this server. With different jobs I have been getting a lot of experience on how things works. Secondly, I am playing on the server almost everyday because I am getting tired on the other games that I play on. Which means I can play a lot on the server thus, resulting in me being able to take more sits and help more players who need the help they require. Especially now that my school is over and that I have summer break which results in more playtime and more help to the playerbase. Another reason is that I am currently really sick of trying to roleplay and I encounter players minging around, rdming or dts/dtp and I want to stop them to ruin the experience for the rest of the playerbase. I also want to help new players to understand things and make their experience good so that they do not break rules or encounter other players that breaks the rules. Lastly, I am calm and mature enough to handle situations and not acting as a immature person and that I can solve different types of problems which may occur in this server.


Will you be active?: Yes, I will be active. However the only times I won't be active is when I go on LOA for different reasons. 


How long will you be able to play per day?: On weekdays I can play 4-6 hours because I am finished with all of my classes. On weekends 4-8 hours usually because I usually do nothing on weekends. This may differ if I have to do something or going on a LOA. This will however change when school starts which will result in lower playtime each day except for weekends because of schoolwork. 


Any past experience as staff?: Well yes if you count my 2 days of staff as experience. I was staff for 2 days but I resigned because I went on a long vacation. I thought it would be retarded to go on a LOA for that long as a staff especially during as a TMOD. That is why I resigned so quickly. IF i get accepted I won’t resign like that again. In general this vacation is fucking stupid. I get bunch of different information regarding the duration and it is just annoying which lead to the complication of my staff period.


Do you have any specific mental conditions/illnesses and if yes, what are they?: None 


Any previous warns/bans? If so why? (maximum of 20 warns, exceptions can be made.):


I have one warning currently for Failrp. The warning was issued by Ace Barry. Basically what happened was that a CI was in 106 control room and throwing nades. I decied to flank by jumping on 106 cc  then on the fence surounding the cc and later proceed to sneak behind and kill the CI. The reason I did that was I thought it is really risky to go the normal way due the grenades that were thrown. I have been banned twice of what I can remember. One of the bans that I received was issued in V.4 and it was either a  2 days or 3 days long ban but I do not know exactly because when I received the ban I took a pause from the server. What happened was basically I was playing as a security guard when I was new to the job and what happened was that I shot a d-class for escaping d-block but when I shot the d-class a other unit ran passed the d-class (no idea what job he/she played) which resulted in me rdming the other unit. Shortly after a admin arrived and I left which resulted in LTAP so after that action I got a ban. The other ban I have no clue how long it was but it was as well LTAP and basically someone pressed the femur while I was nearby. None of us had proof of who it was and I decided this was pointless and left and this gave me a ban. It was either in V.3 or in V.4 and after these two bans I decided that I would stop with this because I did not want to receive a perma ban.


Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: 

I know them.

!kick (username). This is explanatory on what this command does. When you are using this command you need to input the reason on why you kicked them.

!ban (username). This bans the player but you need to include for how long and reason on why you are banning that player. When you do this a box will pop up with the player you will ban and there you can choose the duration of the ban and the reason.

!tp (username/steamID) which brings the player to you. There is an alternative of this which is !bring (username) but this one is more shit because this command can target several people and may easily fail to work in a crowded area which is why !tp is way better.

!return = returns the player to their original location.

!slay which is self explanatory. It slays the target you want. Then there is the !slay * which I won’t talk about.

!freeze as well self explanatory it freezes the player so they are unable to move.

!removenlr = removes the NLR of someone.

!hp (name) (amount) sets the players hp to a specific amount

!armor (name) (amount) same as the !hp but with armor.


Then there are these ones:

* = targets everyone

^ = targets yourself

@ = targets the person right in front of you

plus some more.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions):

SCP-RP is a roleplay server based of a community website named scp-wiki-net. On the website the users are freely to write their own SCPs or MTFs. SCP stands for Secure, Contain and Protect The server lets players to play in a world were there are anomalous creatures or objects that goes against laws of nature or laws of physics exist. You get to choose if you want to play as a worker in SCP Foundation whose job is to secure, contain and protect all creatures and objects and protect the world from these things. Players can choose to play as a researcher to conduct experiments on these SCPs. SCP are those anomalous entities that are classified in different categories. The common ones are Safe, Euclid, Keter, Thaumiel and Neutralized. 


-Safe means that SCPs are easily and safely contained. Because they have been understood on how to safely contain them without extensive use of resources. However safe classed SCPs does not mean that they are not posing a threat. For example SCP-999 or SCP-500


-Euclid class SCPs require more resources to contain it or that the containment of that SCP is not 100% reliable and requires check ups sometimes. The reason for it requires more and not 100% reliable containment is because Euclid class SCPs are insufficiently understood or inherently unpredictable. An example of an Euclid is SCP-173 


-Keter class SCPs are those SCPs that are extremely hard to contain and require extensive and complex containment procedures. Sometimes Keter SCPs can’t even be contained due lacking of understanding or lacking the technology to do it. Keter class SCPs require constant surveillance to ensure the SCP does not breach. An example is SCP-106.


-Thaumiel are those SCPs that are used to contain other SCPs. An example is SCP-2003.


-Neutralized are those SCPs that have been accidentally or intentionally destroyed or disabled which means that they are not anomalous any more. An example is SCP-1730


Players can choose to play as security guards/officers or MTF-units. The server also allows players to play as Site-administrators whose job is to check that everything is going smooth and checks that everything is fine. The site in the server is placed under a town named OVIS City where the only way to enter is by going down through the subway. 


Player are even allowed to play as GOIs which stands for Groups of Interests that are not a part of the foundation with their own intend with the anomalies. One job that players are allowed to play are Chaos insurgency a hostile GOI against the SCP Foundation that was a part of the foundation that went rouge and now they usually raid the foundation and spread chaos. Sarkic Cults, Church Of The Broken God and The Chicago Spirit are other jobs that you are allowed to play as. With all of these jobs and groups player can play as you will get good roleplay around the server.

The server also have a set of rules that the player have to make the server not a shitfest and make it as good as possible.


On this server the players action creates the roleplay. For example someone within Chaos Insurgency starts to attack their allies which may result in hostile relation between CI and that GOI.


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP(1 word is not an answer).:

Yes, I understand the rules. I have read the rule set a few times so that I do not forget about the rules and accidentally break them. There are several rules in this server however there are some rules that the most amount of people break. Such as:


RDM which stands for random deathmatch which is basically someone kills another player without a valid reason.


NLR which stands for New Life Rule. This is basically when you die you do not remember on what happened in your previous life. For example you had info on how CI looks like and you die. You can not after you respawn use that info you got about CI before you died to hunt them down. 


Another rule that player may break are building killboxes. Which is basically building a confined area which gives some players an unfair advantage. By forcing the attacker to funnel through while hacking a fading door open. An example of a killbox is using two fading doors system which creates a confined area which exposes the attackers and makes it hard for them to escape which results in they getting easily killed.


Lastly, DTS is another rule which stands for Disrespect To Staff. Which is basically someone being disrespectful towards an staff. Even DTP which is Disrespect To Player which is same thing as DTS but to a non staff

Extra info: This is my old app but with some additional information and stuff because I am a bit lazy to rewrite everything and Joshy did not say it was against the rules or whatever.


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1 hour ago, Shadow said:

+1 But like...Jesus did you not know that you were going to go on a vacation? Bruh

Also I got away with blatant RDM so yeah I need more people like him 

No I got info it was cancelled that is why I applied in the first place but then out of nowhere I get info during my trial that my vacation is not cancelled.

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Only had good situations with him.

- Not a minge

- Mature 

- B-1 GG


SCP-RP Senior Staff / Lead Mentor

STEAM_0:0:131395686  ─  NOE#2960  ─  🇩🇪 / 🇬🇧


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