Azazel Keenan

Azazel Keenan O5-8 "Dogwood" App

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Your In-Game Name: Azazel Keenan

Your Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:432557277

Your Age: 21


Your In-Game Playtime: 2 weeks 2 days 5 hours 30 min


Your amount of warnings (15 Warnings max): 1 warn 0 bans


Rate your roleplaying skills: 7/10

What would you like your O5 Designation to be?: O5-8 "Dogwood"


(300 to 350 words)

Why do you believe you should be part of the O5 Council and what can you bring to the role e.g (Pressure in extreme situations, making the tough decisions):

I believe i should be apart of the O5 council because of my ability to handle situations requiring quick thinking and the ability to not act irrationally and in situations that require tough leadership decisions such as a demotion of a bad SD or SA to help the foundation run smoother and with less bad administration halting the flow of the site and halting securities ability to keep the site secure. With me being added to the O5 council i believe i can add a level of stability to the foundation as a whole to keep it secure and away from bad influences within foundation administration. (OOC) i believe with my time on the server and the different situations i have been in ranging from bad to good have taught me how not to handle situations and how to handle them the right way. With the chance of being in O5 council i can oversee certain aspects of the foundation from security to site administration and see how they handle situations ranging from rouge guards to breaches of SCP's or GOI's, and to stop the mishandling of the situation from an outside position as to not put myself in harms way or to reveal myself to personnel below the site administration and A-1.(OOC) With my playtime as stated above i know i do not have a huge amount of playtime as other players but i believe i have played enough to get a good feel for how the server runs and the rules of it especially with people who might metagame me as O5 and how to handle those situations swiftly and as strict as possible as too keep my identity a secret within the game. I really genuinely enjoy the server and would like to have this WL so i can expand the roles i can play in the server. 

(100 to 150 words)

How many O5 Council Members are their in the SCP universe that are known but not on record?:

 There are 12 known O5 council members with a supposed 13th council member. Ranging from O5-1 to O5-13 with the 13th's member being named the "tiebreaker" with "their" existance to be unproven except for the other O5's to be told they are. With O5-13's vote to break tiebreakers within the council on decisions made for the good of the foundation and the rest of humanity it protects from the SCP's it contains within it's facilities around the globe. The O5 council members are the most powerful members of the foundation who the personnel who know of their existance in fear of their existance. They also know every secret in the foundation that is hidden to most personnel. 

(300 words)

Can you explain what an O5 does for the foundation and the site itself and why he himself differs from any other site Adminstration?:

 A O5 council member typically keeps the foundation running smoothly by keeping the site directors and other site administration in check and removing those that do not do their job correctly or have become corrupt in their position and have either ruined the site's ability to run smoothly with little to no problems or have gone rouge and are trying to reveal secrets of the foundation to groups not with the foundations interests in mind. The O5 member differs from other site administration by not dealing with personnel directly or ever coming into contact with SCP's or other anomoulus  entities that may harm them or ruin their level of secrecy in the foundation. They do not run site's directly and only deal with site directors when there is a problem at the site in which it has encountered problems that the current site director is not fit to handle and has to be removed from their position to find a more suitable personnel for that position. They also differ from other site administration due to their level of power. There are only 12 proven O5 council members with a unproven 13th. The "13" council members have complete control over the rest of the foundation and make decisions for the entire foundation based on a voting system within the council. The O5 council also differs due to the fact that it has a MTF unit that reports directly to them and are used only in extreme situations regarding the council. The O5 council member is the myth of most personnel above CL2 and the one that site administration alike fear that they are doing the job correctly and up to the standards of the O5. 

(150 words)

Explain what makes you special: 

My ability to handle situations regarding stress and the ability to keep my emotions in check so i do let them control me and control the the decisions i make such as demoting a SD or having high ranking security placed under a AOS/KOS order due to their inability to do their jobs correctly and for them putting other foundation personnel at risk for their inability to keep to their jobs and follow the rules of the foundation. My ability to look at a situation from an outside perspective and decide on what should be done in a timely fashion to keep complications to a bare minimum and to know when to stay out of a situation or to intervene when it is starting to get out of hand and before it gets to a point where it's too big to handle. 

( No Word Requirement)

How do you initiate a nuke?: 

 Due to the warhead room being a CL5 only the council member can get inside the room. To initiate the nuke you must first decide if its the necessary measure for the situation such as a mass breach that can not be contained. You take a team of A-1 as backup to take you to the room in which you open the blast doors and open the tesla gate CP to the warhead and then proceed to the control room and insert your keycard and (after asking for permission from an admin) push the big red button initiating the warhead launch.

( No Word Requirement)

What are the rules a O5 Council member has to follow?: 

 Aside from the normal rules of the server such as no RDM, no failrp,etc. The O5 council member must stay away from any sort of conflict, SCP, and anomoulus entitiy. They must keep their identity a secret besides to the Site administration. They also are at the Site to decide what's best for the foundation and if the site administration is not working then they must decide to fix the problem with the site administration. 

( No Word Requirement)

Why would you like to role play as an O5?:
I would like to roleplay as O5 due to the ability to be above the site administration and determine what is being done correctly and what isn't and fix thise problems residing on what is wrong within the administration. My interest with SCP has grown exponentially from joining this server and i believe being able to roleplay as an O5 council member gives me the ability to see from a new level within the SCP universe.

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-Detailed App

-Not alot of warns

-Good Game Time


I haven't see you play jobs like SIte Director but then again Im not as active as I was


If you do make it onto the Council plz try not to be one which puts all the blame on overworked Foundation Administration or Commanders we already have enough of annoying O5s like that - Btw No offence anyone

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