MS's Unwarn Request

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MS's Unwarn Request

My In-Game name: MS

STEAMID:  STEAM_0:0:419726583

Steam Name: Smidge1357

What is the reason for your warns: 1. ARDM 2. ARDMx2  3. Job Abuse

Name of the staff member who warned you: Jedi Spectre Luminara

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned: So I spoke to Luminara, after warning me and basically challenged my warnings and believe all 3 were incorrect after explaining what happened from both perspectives so i'll explain what happened. I was a bartender and on multiple occasions 2 CT's were fiddling with my music player so both times I told them to move away from it. Both times they kept fiddling with it so it ended with me shooting both of them one time each (With a DC-17), this is were my two ARDM's come in, I believe as I shot them both once, Yes it was probably wrong for me to do, BUT it should've been dealt with in an RP way, especially since I had no intent to kill either of them. However I believe Luminara got involved as after I shot the second one, I changed jobs a couple minutes later back to CE, hence the Job Abuse. However, I then returned to the Bar as CE and realized it had become a staff situation so I quickly, openly admitted to everyone present that I was the Bartender in question. And as I found out that I was infact in trouble after shooting the CTs, I would've been more than happy to swap back to Bartender and serve whatever punishment was deemed necessary (Most likely 15 minutes in Brig for Golden Rule) however right then, without time for explanations I was hit with the three warns and a kick because of them. So I really do hope that whoever is reading this understands that I didn't want to ruin anyones experience either by ARDM or Minging using Job Abuse and that I had no malicious intent especially since I have afair amount of playtime on the server and wouldn't suddenly start minging. And I hope that as no one was affected by my actions at all I can gain full sympathy and get all 3 strikes removed as it couldve all been dealt in RP. Also I have accepted warns in the past so I wouldnt bring this up unless I truly felt the warns are un-just.

Evidence: Not sure what evidence there is to give/provide.

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Current Ranks:

 IRP Senior Event Planner   IRP Discord Staff Manager

Shock Jr Medic Commando Major

Past Ranks:

Battalion Major   CE Colonel

Sith Assassin  CWRP Event Planner

IE System Commander Rebel Admiral

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Yeah tbf, I think one of the ARDMx2 needs to be removed. Just seems like you miss understood. I mean accidents happen. You seemed pretty nice in talking after tbf.  Was very quickly dealt with. You seemed to have accidently done it. It was quite a difficult night due to the lack of staff on and mingy CTs. Sorry if things seemed a bit rushed with no explaining. Just glad it was managed to be talked about calmly. The Job Abuse warn mainly came from the fact it happened a while after and I would of expected a LT to understand it was wrong to do so. 

Your reasoning for shooting the CT however was... somewhat questionable. Yes they was messing with your radio however you should know not to shoot them. After all. They are clones. And I know you never said you intended to kill them but you did try to. Best bet was calling someone over with Cuffs. Therefor one of the ARDM should of stayed.

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There was no real valid reason for you to decide to shoot the CTs even if they were mingey.

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