Unban me plz

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My In-Game name: CT .... Demoted

STEAMID: ( ----------

Steam Name: Manik

What is the reason for your ban: well i got banned for going on an alt and minging.

How long were you banned for: perma

Name of the staff member who banned you: luminara / solaire

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: becaause i was 501st CPL and i have believed to have made a mistake, i regret my actions and want a fresh start.


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I mean. I told and warned you and you kept claiming you had "nothing to lose" and just used an ALT to cause issues for others. I warned you using and alt would perma ban you. Honestly I'd wait this post doesn't really show you are ready to learn for saying you got banned less than 4 hours ago claiming you didn't care. It originally wasn't a perma but you joined on an ALT account and it perma banned you. 




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Manik a like you alot from 501st but if the thing solaire said was true then you did fuck up, you could have asked for a unban request on that topic and not join back on a ALT



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who cares




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Did you use an ALT to try and avoid the punishment... If you did than -1

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You decided to break rules and managed to get banned and attempted to circumvent it by joining on an Alt account, the ban is justified and will stay.

You can re-apply in 2 weeks.

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