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Your In-game name: Adolf Myller

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:174079070

Reason of the ban: FearRP

Date you were banned on: 07/05-2020

Duration of ban: 07/06-2020

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): I dont know

Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was going to get my car and just got out of jail a army guy come and tell me to show my id i show him my id and another guy comes and says that he just arested me and i could go but the when i jump in my car he points a gun at me and say that i shuld face the wall and i was just pulling away and he calls on an admin and gets me baned 

Do you think your ban was justified: No because i did not do anything

Why should you be unbanned: Because i dident do anything agenst the rules

Any kind of evidence: no

Additional information: I am a new player on the server and dont know the rules very well yet


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I was in a discord call with him the entire time and I think the administrator was unfair. He didn't ask for his side of the story. The admin basically just brought him to a roof, warned him and banned him. I think it was unfair and the situation wasn't that serious. And should've not resulted in a ban of any shape or form. He is my friend and he is new to garry's mod and has a pretty hard time learning rules but he's starting to get the hang of it. Anyways I think he should be unbanned because of the circumstances.

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Looking at the warn history you got banned for 'Fail RP - Running Under Gunpoint' by Harald Krause, this includes if you are under a certain speed limit, then you can be gunpointed in a car, and if asked to stop you have to under fear RP, I believe from what you said -unless if you provide evidence- that you were driving under that certain speed, or that you were completely still, meaning that it was fear rp when he asked you to get out and you didn't, meaning this warn and ban was both valid.

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Heissler here, it was me that called the sit.
Basically, this guy had a car that had been stolen for some time now, and we stopped the car at the MB waiting for OrPo to impound it.
OrPo at that day had a training that took 3462346 bajilion hours, so nobody came to pick the car up. 
Since nobody at the time could check the car's documents (including FG), we had to keep the car on our control.
Also due to the fact that it was stolen, we had to keep an eye out for anyone trying to claim it. (It did happen.)
This guy was currently a mafia member, having left Jail. Firstly, i was going to check his ID to see if he could have owned the car, when a GD fellow member tells me the guy was arrested and was let go, therefore, he should have his car back. For security reasons, i still had to check his ID to validate that the car was his. 
The case was, if he showed his ID, i would have arrested him again because of his presence in the mafia.
The guy, not capable of showing his ID without being arrested, followed the logic of the GD and jumped on the car on an attempt to drive away and not get arrested again. I still hadn't confirmed the ownership of the car, so i stopped him again, and he jumps back on the car again.
I gun point him so he doesn't escape with the car without showing his ID, but he still tries to do so.
Staff comes and lifts the car up so it cannot escape, and brings the guy to a sit.

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Hello I'm the moderator who banned you.
As you can see from the comment above me, the GD requested your ID for the car.
Just to avoid arrest you jumped in the car, they batter ram you and put you under gunpoint.

Once I tp to the sit created by the 2 wehrmacht guys, I let them explain what happened. While I was speaking and got the story from the wehrmacht side, you got inside you car again (2nd time) while you were under gunpoint right there in front of me. I raised the car so you dont run away again, I pick you up and bring you to a roof. I must say it was my mistake for not letting you speak but the evidence of the sit was clear : Running away under gunpoint.

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If staff literally watch you break rules, its quite hard to disprove them. 

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