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Hyperspace and Ship Destruction tool.

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What your suggestion is: Add Vanilla's Hyperspace and Vanilla's Destruction tool

Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1868459587 and https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1885314499

Any additional information: Both of these tools come to around 4.1Mb and could be seen as a great addition to the server, for both ease of access for EP's and roleplay reasons. The first tool is Vanilla's Hyperspace tool and basically does what it says, it gives EP's the ability to hyperspace in models from the spawn menu and even entities form the current Star Wars vehicle addon. As you can see from the first image it gives EP's lots of options as to how the model/entity is spawned in, with things such as the height at which the model is hyperspaced in, which is shown by the green plane like place marker. I have been testing it with current munificent models we use and except for the fact that they spawn in backwards (however this is easily fixed with the option that allows the user to flip the model if this issue does occur) it works incredibly well, with the effects of the munificent jumping and also the ability to jump the munificent back in to hyperspace in the direction it is facing. This also provides the unique sound of a ship hyperspacing in (but if this noise is too obnoxious you can disable the Enable Sound option in the tool settings) and also when the entity/model is hyperspaced out. This can provide the authentic experience of ships hyperspacing in, instead of the EP just spawning it in.
The second tool is the Vanilla's Destruction tool, and once again it does what it says on the tin. This will provide the EP's with the ability to simply click on a model/entity that has been spawned in and begin it's destruction. As you can see in the image below it provides many options as to how long the destruction is and even how big the final explosion is on the ship. Once the destruction is complete, the model is deleted without requiring any extra attention after one simple click. I have also provided screenshots as to how the ship looks during destruction. Once again, this will provide the authentic experience of the ship being destroyed instead of the model becoming black or charred from the Star Wars Vehicle addon and just disappearing. This will also help EP's instead of having to go to remover and click on the model but instead have the destruction tool ready to be used.


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seems fun tools and looks like it will give the EP's for more destruction when its defcon 1 you can set the ship on destruction and you have that small time to get out of the venator before its gone aka you are dead, it can open so many oppoutunitites (idk how to spell that)  +1 for now 

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+1 when 212th destory a ship the tool could be used instead of crashing the ship into the ground and maybe prop killing someone but could also be used for some cool looking battles , the hyperspace tool can be used everytime a base attack happenes if the fleet isnt destoryed it can actually hyperspace away instead of just getting removed . Only thing i would say is am not sure how much lag the destruction tool will cause when the is a lot of players on

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Hyperspace tool this is a great addon I have seen it used before and it isn't heavy at all. Causes little to no lag from what I have seen. As for the Destruction tool looks cool but I cant comment on performance. 

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