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Facescanner Rules

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Add rules about facescanning so people dont just facescan you at every checkpoint. Also make it accesible to site administration only and ISD, and not to commanders. By adding rules i mean like you can only facescan someone if they have been detained by B1 and are brought by jails or smt, and not just when you come to GG you get tac cuffed and facescanned. Facescanners make id's useless.Either remove them or add rules. 

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I agree with making Facescanners like when you are detained only, but restricting it to certain jobs is pretty dumb, as the current jobs use it well to their own jobs (B-1/ISD with law, O5/A-1 with making sure people are Foundation, etc).  I also disagree with removing them, as they'll make CI pretty much undetectable.

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it is stupid that you just get FS for being in cuffs or at certain places. rules need to be added for when a face scan is allowed and who gets to do it. getting face scan'd because you're in cuffs and "because they can" is dumb, there needs to be a valid rp reason and same goes for stripping comms

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-1 TBH if NU-7 or any forces set up a checkpoint at GG, they reserve the right to cuff and facescann anyone entering, as with the last issue with ISD just make em sign a secrecy contract if they reveal a ISD's Identity. Also as far as i know face scans are permitted at checkpoints if they have it available aswell as if they suspect anyone anyone in that area (entering or exiting) to be non foundation. Face scanner (IMO) is fine the way it is.

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First stop crying about it. I remember the old B-1 when they do "/me Passes ID trough scanner" and "/it Scanner right Red" with that they vibe checked. You need to be smart with what are you doing not go like: "I go trough GATE A and I stuck in GG and face scanned!11! Remove it or get rules for it!!!" if you are gona do the sneaky way use MT. If you use your brain a little and use these things called: Baiting, Listening and ROLEPLAY you could get trough the checkpoint very easly. We even did it when Nu-7 had rights to build 2 Fading doored build in GATE A, or as CI let your Zeta and TCS friends to clear and you sneak in yes? If you can't do it then don't play GOI or mess with foundation.

+ Foundation needs to be OVER GOI's and they will not let a GOI in everyday. 

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Coordinate with other GOI's in RP or OCPD it's not hard you don't need SMT to mollycoddle GOI's so it's easier for them to get in cause "balance", because from a realism stand point it's meant to be imbalanced.  In my opinion, Foundation are significantly weaker than what they should be but people don't agree with that as they believe all Combat RP needs to revolve around the Facility which is completely wrong and one of the main reasons people say the server is too "TDM" and that surface is "Dead". If the site is just the centre of this then the server perfectly defines a "TDM" One side dies spawns back at their side of the map, the other does that too, then they meet in the centre and fight again. If Foundation wasn't only restricted to the site, that wouldn't be the case.

I feel like I need to justify my point because why not?

If Foundation managed to establish a presence on surface, and reduce the immense control factor and grip that GOI's have on the surface. It would result in drastic improvements to RP as GOI's would have to act more discreetly and actually organise them selves rather than crying to SMT. Furthermore, external relations would actually become of importance again, making PD an essential ally in Foundation operations. Chicago Spirit might even start acting like a Mafia, by having to smuggle drugs without Foundation & PD catching wind of it, Church wouldn't be able to have a 9 ft Robot clunking around everywhere. Chaos Insurgency could easily still operate as hit and run on the site while disrupting Foundation surface operations and more. This also provides MTFS with more functionality and no I don't mean the ridiculous NU7 FOBs they constantly used that completely contradicted the maintaining normality side of the Foundation. They would just be used by HOEA more frequently like an actual raid squad, not stationary security department.

All I'm saying is HOEA's need to actually do something about GOI's constantly exposing themselves and civilians constantly to the anomalous.  Meaning all SMT realistically need to do is give MTF's their old guns back, which I believe is already happening.

Another thing that could also go neatly with what I just said is this :
But it's just an idea from 6 or eight odd months ago, which would be great as surface would actually be enforced while also allowing for external affairs department to do so much more. But the Lota-10 thing is just an idea.

Half of this also probably doesn't make sense and I couldn't really care less as It was written from sheer boredom and insomnia (5am and can't sleep).

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