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                     HELLO AND WELCOME, FRIEND.                      

Needless to say, you're not supposed to Be viewing these files. I say: take a chance. You've come this far.

Some of the following information is true. Some of it's false, even ridiculous. Sometimes I know for sure, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'll lie. It doesn't matter. Whatever I've told you here, someone, somewhere believes it. And belief has power.

Realize also that the O5 Council might not even exist.

The Black Queen











Welcome, authorised personnel. Please select your designated file.




Item #: SCP-1790

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: None set.

Description: SCP-1790 is an accumulation of human memories and an associated personality, capable of preserving its existence after death by transmitting itself into the mind of a newborn infant. SCP-1790 currently inhabits the body of a Hispanic female, 33 years of age. SCP-1790's current state is the seventh instance that has been identified to date; in interviews, it has claimed to have existed as at least ██ distinct individuals since its first incarnation in [REDACTED]. Interviews and testing have determined that all instances of SCP-1790 possess full recall of the known memories of each prior instance and share similar personality traits.

The means by which SCP-1790 transmits to a new instance at the time of death is unknown; all attempts to block transmission have failed to date. Transmission of consciousness appears to occur at the time when brain activity ceases in the current instance, and is not prevented by keeping the instance clinically alive after brain death. In all documented transmissions, the new instance has been identified as a person with a documented time of birth less than one hour after the assumed time of brain death, born within a 500 km radius of the location where the previous instance died. SCP-1790 has shown no preference for infants of any specific gender or ethnicity.

All instances of SCP-1790 have been noted to possess a high degree of natural charisma and rhetorical skill, and have been demonstrated to be highly capable of convincing others to follow their instructions. SCP-1790 has demonstrated an expert ability to "cold-read" individuals within seconds of beginning a conversation, and determine how to converse with that individual in order to coerce their agreement. No indication of a memetic or hypnotic effect has been associated with this ability; persons interacting with SCP-1790 have reported no compulsion or involuntary urge to obey or agree with SCP-1790, except in that they find its rhetoric highly convincing. SCP-1790's persuasive abilities are maximized when it is able to converse with another person face-to-face; covering SCP-1790's eyes, removing the second party from its physical presence, or conducting a conversation in writing rather than verbally inhibit its ability to read and persuade other persons.

ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario - Assigned 

K-Class Scenarios are hypothetical situations that could have drastic effects on normality or reality, including the end of the world. The Foundation games out what can happen in these events, and authors on the wiki often reference these contingency plans… or times they have failed.


Most Common: ZK-Class Reality Failure Scenario
Used in: 22 SCPs, 2 Tales
Primary definition: Reality is fundamentally broken or eliminated. Usually due to physics stuff or an SCP that annihilates things by nature.

Sometimes this happens in a limited "localized" area. Originally used in physics-heavy articles but may have graduated to broader use. (See YK, VK, and QK).
Alternative titles: ZK-0 Reality Failure Scenario, ZK-λ-Class Cosmic Fragmentation Scenario., ZK-Class End of Reality scenario, Z1-Class reality reset

SCPs: not_a_seagull's Proposal, S Andrew Swann's Proposal, SCP-1142, SCP-2470 (RU), SCP-2612, SCP-2908, SCP-319, SCP-3319, SCP-3426, SCP-3545, SCP-3600, SCP-3742, SCP-3810, SCP-3999, SCP-4055, SCP-4121, SCP-4656, SCP-4828, SCP-591, SCP-1964-EX, SCP-4839, SCP-1790
Tales and other articles: Incident Zero - Part 2, Re: You Want Happy Endings?


SCP-1790 - CODENAME: ???


??? is not simply a GOI, nor a group. ??? Is a collective of various unique individuals, each ??? character varies in every degree and brings something new and exciting to the table, previous ??? have taken forms such as a Class-D personnel, given the number D-9341 and later SCP Classification after a breach at Site-██. Other forms have consisted of 'Church Of The Broken God Acolytes' and 'Mobile Task Forces' such as MTF Omicron Rho ("The Dream Team").

Whether ??? instances are seamlessly random or if a "Overlord" above is controlling the life's of the minds, putting them in bodies "tactically" for their own gain, that's a matter to be later discussed.


You may all be asking, why ???'? Well there is a simple answer for this:

  • People complain too much about "surface has no role-play"
  • People complain that "surface is just TDM"
  • GOI's are to blame for said "TDM"
  • Stops the incentive of event planners doing ??? events, instead they can focus on big, well planned events.
  • ??? was enjoyed by ALL. People could be themselves without implementing a new GOI which would not work on the server.
  • Most people could not get into ?? due to the old owners of ??? only allowing "PlatVIP - LVL50 - No warns - Big named" people in.

What ??? was:

  • Unorganised (too many Mobile Task Force's)
  • Popular (applications at least every day to 2 days)
  • Overpowered
  • Sometimes interfered with GOI's and their schemes of work too much
  • A mess, no simpler way to put it, management were very laid-back by its final few weeks.

What ??? will be:

  • Organised (good management and frequent activity/performance checks)
  • Popular (if the community wants it back)
  • Balanced (more talk on this further down)
  • Thought through, so GOI's aren't screwed completely over by one man with an RPG-7 and a godmode swep.
  • A well though through GOI, with every character and person evaluated to make sure no slip-ups occur (again)


  • Only 1 or 2 MTF ??? roles would be chosen
  • Make sure each ??? role gets a balance of PassiveRP and CombatRP (if needed)
  • Each ??? app would be checked and scowered over several times, whats the point in accepting a CoTBG Acolyte if Church already exists
  • The use of OP items such as: "ACR", "AUG", "RPG-7", "SWEPs" would be kept to an absolute MINIMUM.
  • Custom sweps/playermodels may be requested, was done before in the old ???.

The DO's and DONT's of ???

  • Do make it unique
  • Don't make it an existing role or GOI.
  • Do feel free to give some custom lore
  • Don't suggest something stupid - an SCP like 343 or a DarkRP job like "Hitman"
  • Do feel free to give it a custom SWEP or weapon that'll impact RP.
  • Don't purposely give your character OP items, remember the purpose of this suggestion is to fix the "no role-play" situation.

What you can be as a member of ???

  • A GOI, such as an Ambrose Restaurants employee
  • An MTF, that's special and different
  • A Foundation persons of interest (for example: Nobody)
  • An SCP (to an extent - nothing stupid - something passive like 131-A/-B and not SCP-343 or SCP-001)
  • Something miscellaneous that would help role-play in someway, eg: A soldier, Ethics Committee etc. 


Owner: Matt Feeney

Co-Owner: ???

Manager: ???



Steam Name:


In-Game Name:

In-Game Level + Rank:

Playtime (3 days minimum, exceptions can be made):

Warns (20 warns minimum, exceptions can be made):


What/Who is your ??? character?:

How will they affect the current state of surface?:

Why should your ??? be chosen over everyone elses?:


Player-model (under 50mb):

Name of your ???:

Name of Job:

Automatically given items:

Items in the locker:

Health/Armour modifiers?:

Size change?:

Comms Given:

Foundation card or Surface key-card? (State clearance too):

Edited by Matt Feeney
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We already have a ??? sort of on the server, but id like it as then I can rp as SDTF-191 TYCHE

The only thing I am proud of in this community is managing SDTF-191


I did the !slay @ when I was super-admin

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its already coming, this thread is useless lol

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