SO+ can whitelist to ET of there Regiment

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i believe this is useful as SO do tryouts for people and then they have to call staff and depending on the time of when you do the tryout staff maybe busy with more important stuff or they are either afk or not on the server.

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Call a staff, doesn't take long and there's a staff nearly on most of the time. I'm up till 5am most nights. The only time a staff might not be on is before around 11am. And tbh. SOs with whitelisting I wouldn't really trust it tbh.

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Sugggested multiple times 

What solaire said

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Even though it might be helpful at the times some admins aren't on at which barely happens , giving majors that freedom is to risky. 


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Staff need claims.

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-1 Saves SOs a job but could be misused, takes away a claim for staff 

Also contacting staff takes less than 2 seconds and they usually help fairly quickly so there isn't much point

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Good idea, and people say it can be abused, but why trust that person with MJR if you think they might abuse the whitelists, and it isn't hard to fix

However staff needs claims



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you go on about trust however the SO could let someone just pass the tryout if they fail drastically you  have no way of proof so  even a trial period to see how the whitelisting SO whitelist and see if it gets abused but you would give someone major if you didnt trust them in the first place


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We have staff do the whitelists so one again we can make sure an SO isn't just giving it out but also so the SO can be identified as the staff member should remember the person if a SO decided to WL random people and obviously doesn't log it 

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