Staff aplication CG EXO Lazer

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In Game Name:

CG EXO Lazer

Steam ID: 


Are you currently staff on any other server or WG server:

No Im not.

In-game rank (VIP and 501st SGT):

Plat-VIP and CG EXO

Have you got experience in staffing RP servers:

Not yet but I thing Im ready to get it.




2W 3D 2H

Predicted time on server per week:

Around 34 H



Do you use a microphone:

Yes I do.

What do you aim to achieve in our staff team:

I woud like to, help the players on the server and make sure that everyone has a good time playing here.

Why do you stand out among other candidates:

What I think makes me stand out is that im on early in the morning, or late ate night. There i see that there are not alot of staff online. so with me getting a chanse to become staff. there will be someone.

Why should we pick you to staff our server(200 words):

well if you pick me, you will get someone in your staff team who is loyal and who is fair, i don't like to be someone who is to strict, but if it needs to be done it needs to be done. i'm a nice guy and i like to get along with players on the server. and protect the server that i grow to love from players who are just here to break rules and minge around. i also like to help players out. and fix problems. i would try my best to be a good staff member and to make sure to leave a mark. this is why i hope to be able to join the staff team so i can learn and help the server. and this is why you should pick me.

I just wanna make or server a better place. and be able to have fun.

and also make sure other players have fun.

I will be online late at night. so i can help around with players who need staff.

that's why i think i would be a good staff member. and i hope that you think the same.

Do you understand that if you are unsuitable as a staff member your rank may be removed:

Yes I do.

If a trooper didn’t salute to you, what do you do as a staff member:

As a staff member nothing because I'm not part of the RP if im OnDuty

You haven’t done your duties as a staff member as much as you should one week, how do you handle this:

Ill make sure to tell my higher ups, and ill make sure all do them next week. 

You don’t like a staff member, how do you handle this:

you cant like everyone. but we have to work together. so i will be nice to them. because what i think of somone shoud not have impacked on my work as staff.

Anything else:


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Neutral +1

Is in CG hierarchy


Low playtime

Current Ranks

DarkRP Senior Mod 02.04.21 - 

Previous Ranks

Deathrun Senior Admin 24.04.20 - 05.03.21

GM Colonel 13.09.19 – 19.03.20

DU Colonel 19.03.20 - 07.05.20

CG LCPL 18.07.20 - 25.07.20

Jedi Blade Warrior 08.03.20 - 26.08.20

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