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So before I actually get into this request, I have put this in the unban section as it is more fitting than it being in the Staff Abuse one. This is not an unban request. I am hoping that I can get my very largely outdated warns removed. I will detail why in this request.


My In-Game name: CE AFT 2nd LT Scott

STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:198542599

Steam Name: [W-G] Scott  (

Why I believe my warns should be removed: over 2 years ago, I began playing on SWRP, and have played it for quite some time since. I started off horribly - as a very big minge - and I am sadly only remembered for that. to change my appearance to others does not require my warns to be removed, however it would hugely help. Although people might think, oh yea a warns just a warn, over the past 2 years, they've really brought me down. every comment centres around them, even though I've been assured they mean nothing as they are all 2/2+ years old. I am trying to change my ways currently and it is working, most people that have known me will see a change. all I'm asking for is another chance. I want to try to be better in the community and removing the warns would help me mentally and physically achieve this goal. 

Thank You for giving up some time to read this, I'll be happy to answer any responses. 


I made an edit as I forgot to add my steam ID, edit made 23:30 05/05/2020

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But seriously,


I get that the warns are Hella old because I have one just the same and we both feel that they are not needed anymore ,but they can be used in a better light to show how much you have matured from your past self. Just a thought xx


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Do you have a screenshot of all your warns and the dates they were issued? When you say 2 years ago, do you mean between 2018/2019? 


I don't know how it works on SWRP like it does on my own, but I mean if you get a warn, a warn is a warn. You have had many warns, meaning many chances to change your act back whenever all these warns were. Just because they are old, does not mean they are invalid - WW2 "invalid" warns are without a Tier / Reason is required - but I know tiers aren't a thing on SWRP, so I guess we shall wait for my wonderful counterparts for SWRPs SMT to respond with their thoughts on this matter.

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Warns them self are a representation on how you acted on the server and are such your "markings" of the mistakes you may have made or the rules you broke with intent we don't remove warns unless they were given falsely but at the same time while having the warns looks bad to begin with the longer you go without one the more you have shown to improve but I suggest learning view then how Pixel does as your progress.

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