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What your suggestion is: My suggestion is for a different model to be used for the 'Janitor' VIP job. The reason that I am making this suggestion is that the model that we currently use is the CE Enlisted Trooper model. This is a problem because the job is commonly used to disrupt CE trainings and just cause trouble in general. There is no real reason that the Janitor models should stay as the CE ones when there are better alternatives. I have found an addon that contains 7 new janitor models that were originally created for SCP-RP but there are no distinct references to SCP so it is compatible with SWRP.

However, there are many models that are already on the server that could be used such as the ones used for Bartender and Refugee.



Scriptfodder/workshop link:



Any additional information: The file size is 4.678 MB. This may seem quite a lot for a new Janitor player model and that is why I stated above that the model could just be changed to one the already exists on the server.


This suggestion is by no means high priority. It is just a small feature that I, along with the whole of CE, believe should be changed.

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Been frustrating many CE for along time now. Thank you Navas for bringing it up. Model looks a good quality and won't ruin immersion.

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The model its self is an SCP model including the logo which would mean either Shadow would need permission to alter it or we would have him just make a fresh one however considering CE models are in the works there is no need to make this change.

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