Hash's 2nd Staff Application.

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In Game Name:
GM Commander Hash.

Steam ID:

Am I currently staff on any other server or WG server:
No, but as said in my previous staff report, I may consider this in the future, should the opportunity arise.

In Game Rank:
Platinum VIP and GM Commander.

Do I have any current experience in Staffing RP Servers:
No, I do not unfortunately.


My Playtime:
7 Weeks and 1 Day (at the time of writing this.)

My Predicted Time on the Server:
35-40 hours per week. However, this has been declining recently due to the month of Ramadan. Shall return back to normal soon.

1 warn. However, this was cleared up as an accident and completely unintentional.

What do I aim to achieve if I were to join the Staff Team:
If I were to join the Staff Team of this server, the number 1 thing I'd aim to do is to actually make the server a better place. This may not only be for the newcomers of the server, coming on as cadets and making their way into the Clone Trooper regiment, but may also adhere to the people on the server right now.

Our server is not the most perfect, we all know this. People upon the server, who have been here for quite a while now, still tend to break various different rules, no matter the rank. Sometimes, higher ranking officials tend to use this as an excuse for their actions (sometimes even in staff). However, this is extremely uncalled for and a complete abuse of their actions.

In addition to this, levels of maturity also vary from rank to rank. A higher ranking official does not necessarily mean that they display the best levels of maturity and professionalism, as shown by some demotions to hierarchy members and SOs. This would then lead to the server becoming not such a fun place to be and enjoyment levels decreasing by quite a lot.

At the end of the day, we want to attract as many people to the server as possible and attempt to expand the server as widely as possible. Therefore, this would certainly be my main aim to achieve if I were to be accepted into the staff team of this server.

Furthermore, another aim of mine, if I were to be accepted into the staff team, would be to get to know the people within the staff team itself. Increasing chemistry between myself and the other staff team members would possibly result in tasks and objectives being completed a lot faster. As a result of this, I would be able to work with the rest of the team in a much more efficient and successful way in order to complete our aims and objectives collectively.

Why Do I stand out Amongst other Potential Candidates:
I think that I stand out of the crowd from other candidates due to several certain points. The first point that I would like to explain would be my time on the server itself. I joined the server on the same day that I joined the mighty Galactic Marines (09/04/19), meaning I have been part of this server for just about a year and a month. As a result of this, I have been able to see and understand the many rules of this server as well as having a firm grasp of the essentials.

But, in addition to this, many rules have also changed over the past year, as well as a regiment being removed from the server and one being modified into a different regiment entirely. Therefore, I believe that this gives me a certain edge over other more recent players on the server, or just players who have joined after my join date, as I would be more aware as to what the older rules actually were, in comparison to the new and updated rules.

Furthermore, my warn count within this Star Wars RP server is just one, which was due to an unintentional accident that occurred with my weapons and I managed to kill a couple of troopers that were around me and who were very close to me. I was punished for my actions with time in the Brig and a warn, which is perfectly acceptable and understandable. However, the act that took place was completely unintentional and was not a display of immature and toxic behavior.

Moreover, in relation to my time on the server, another point that I would like to raise would be my time within the Galactic Marines. Currently, I have been within the regiment for a little over a year, reaching a hierarchy position 5 months after joining, reaching the rank of Commander 4 months after this and have now been this rank for another 4 months. As a result of this, I believe that this shows great levels of maturity and professionalism within my regiment as well as the server, whilst also showing dedication to both my regiment and the server, thus, allowing me to stand out more from other potential candidates.

Why I should be picked for Staff (within 200 words):
There are several different reasons as to why I think I should be picked for staff. These are listed below.

1) As I have previously stated above, I have spent a grant total of 8 months in the Galactic Marine hierarchy, considering as I received the rank of Executive Officer within September , the rank of Vice Commander within the very next month of October (due to the Vice Commander at the time leaving for RC) and receiving the rank of the glorious Commander within January of 2019. Now, as a result of all of this, I have been able to gather plenty of experience in many different situations and scenarios. These situations may consist of defusing a confrontation between two troopers, informing those troopers about rules and whether or not they have been updated, etc. Overall, I believe that being within the hierarchy of the Galactic Marines shall now potentially allow me to transfer those leadership skills to a rank within the staff team, allowing me to solve conflicts, violent confrontations, etc.

2) In addition to the first point that I have made, I have also been on the server (as well as within my regiment of the Galactic Marines) for a little over a year now, which leads me knowing that I may have a slight advantage over other potential candidates. This would be due to the simple fact that I am no stranger to the rules of the server. I have spent a long enough time reading them and understanding the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Furthermore, the rules of this server have not exactly stayed the same over the past year. For example, a little while ago, Scavengers were to be, "Killed On Sight," if they were to enter the Main Base. However, recently that rule has been changed and now they are to be "Arrested On Sight," if they are to enter the Main Base. In addition to this, I also understand how the server is really ran, what time events tend to take place (4pm, 7pm, 9pm, etc.) what times of the day attract the most players to come on the server (7pm events, some 4pm events, etc.) and also special events like main story-line events which relate to real Clone Wars episodes. 

3) Furthermore, throughout my time on this server, I have also noticed many of the current (and past) members of the staff team using different ULX commands which would allow them to complete their many tasks, objectives and claims that they are required to do upon a daily basis. For example, commands used to teleport users around, commands used to provide whitelists to cadets as soon as they complete their cadet training, commands used to set different levels of Heath Points, etc. As a result of this, I believe that I have a somewhat rough understanding of the different commands used and, should the time ever come, I believe that being taught the various commands available to me would not exactly take too long.

4) Moreover, I have only really received just one valid warn over the space of a year on this server. That warn was relating to an unintentional RDM that took place where I had intended on dis-igniting my lightsabers half way through charging a heavy attack (by pressing 2 and getting my keys out) when instead, my finger had pressed another key on accident, I released my other finger from right click, resulting in 3 troopers being killed who were standing around me. This was, of course, an accident and completely unintentional. However, I was still arrested for my crimes and given a warn. I fully understand the consequences and have accepted that I should never have been within that position to begin with. Although,I do not believe that this represents me very well as, I am certainly not one to display immaturity and unprofessional behavior, whereas others may have this intention and may also commit the same crimes I did upon that day.

5) In addition to this, my activity upon the serve is usually quite impressive, as shown above where I state that it is 35-40 hours per week. However, considering as the month of Ramadan has started and shall last for roughly another 20 days (at the time of this being written), my activity has slightly been decreasing and has not been the best of what it could possibly be. However, over the next 20 days, I shall be attempting to increase this and resume back to normal activities. As a result of this, this shall then allow me to carry out my duties as a staff member accordingly and also allows enough time for me to get everything done in an organised, prioritized manner.

6) Finally, my sixth point as to why I think you Gentlemen (and possibly Ladies) should pick me to be apart of the staff team for this Star Wars Role - Playing server would be my calmness and unbiased behavior within various situations. Becoming staff member, especially of this server, would certainly require a lot of maturity as well as having a level head. This means that, even within the most heated of situations, one should be able to keep their temper under control, remain fair and just, avoid any biased behavior and carry out justice in a controlled and fair environment. For example, some staff members may vouch for their friends within a confrontation just because of the fact that they are friends. Of course this is wrong, yet it may still happen and ever so discreetly. If I were to be accepted into the staff team of this server, I would certainly do my very best to remain calm, unbiased, fair and just when dealing out punishments, clearing up arguments and solving various confrontations between various players upon the server.

Do I understand that my rank (as a Staff Member) may be removed due to unsuitability:
Yes, I completely understand this and I 100% agree.

If a Trooper did not Salute me, what would I do as a Staff Member:
Considering as I am a staff member, I wouldn't do anything. My Staff job would be an Out Of Character job, meaning any In Character rules being broken would have to be dealt with a high ranking official or the Clone Guard Regiment. However, if I was within my normal job of a Galactic Marine Commander, then sure, I would have to remind them that they should salute the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and all ranks above.

I have not done my duties as a Staff Member for the week, how would I handle this:
Well, to begin with, I would apologize to the necessary people in command for me recent actions. Not being able to complete my actions as Staff Member for the week would be out of order and completely appalling. As a result of this, I should apologize for my actions to begin with. Following this, I should attempt to complete twice as many tasks I have to do for the very next week, in order to cover for the losses and mistakes that I have made within the previous week. I believe that this would show that I am willing to try hard in order to redeem my actions and the mistakes that I have made.

I do not like a Staff Member. How do I handle this?
For starters, I would ensure that a mature and respective atmosphere is formed between us when communicating. This shall ensure that mutual respect is shared and professionalism is maintained from both parties. After this, I would then go about discussing the issue that I have with said Staff Member and explain my side of the story, before allowing the Staff Member to discuss their side of the story and explain any other valid and necessary points that they have to make. Finally, I would then attempt to resolve the matter by, once again, acting mature and professional within the scenario. Above all, I would be honest. Within my experience, being honest is often the much better way to go than lying and betraying someone's trust, for them to only find out at a later date. Although the truth may hurt at points, it is much better to ensure that it is heard, as lies and false rumors would certainly make any situation turn rotten and horrid.

Anything Else:
And thank you dearly for anybody taking the time to read My Staff Application.

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Great Commander of GM


Very Trustworthy

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SWRP CWRP Temp Staff Manger

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- I really dont think I need to say why Hash would be a great Staff Member, but I'm still gonna point out some things

- Hash has been on the Server for quite a while now, getting 7 Weeks on the server which just shows a lot of dedication to the Server.

- Hash has also shows that he is mature and dedicated enough to be a Commander of a regiment. Not only that but he really had to work for that Rank and wait quite a while which again shows dedication and patients, both of which are important traits for a Staff Member.

- Hash is one of the nicest and most mature people I know. He may not be the most well known person on the server, but that isnt even needed.

I'm positive that you cant go wrong with Hash. Good Luck!

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Hash has proven himself to be a very dedicatd member of WG with his long playtime and his time served as commander. His application has clearly had a lot of effort put into it as well. I would trust Hash to be a great member of the staff team.


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Active day and night, and can handle a regiment well, so surely can handle minges well too.

His "why he should be picked" answers is well over the 200 word minimum, for all the right reasons as he outlines many positive points on why he should be picked, his answers to the "questions" are also well answered.

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As others have stated, it is clear Hash is a mature and sensible player. He also has experience with the rules due to his time on the server. Not to forget his year (and a month) in GM shows immense dedication. His application is very detailed and a lot of effort has obviously been put into it.

Good luck.

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Well-Known, Decently Active, Quite Mature, Very Descriptive Application, Trustworthy

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CWRP Staff: November 2019 - (Max. Manager)

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Nearly 1k words in why should we pick u as staff


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1 minute ago, Lewis said:


Well-Known, Decently Active, Quite Mature, Very Descriptive Application, Trustworthy

what he said, but he doesn't support tottenham which i believe is quite a let down

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+1, active mature and a very detailed staff app 

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[SCT Commander]

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[41st ARC Colonel]

[GC Vice Commander] 18/8/2020 - 21/9/2020 [GC ARC Colonel] 23/6/2020 - 10/8/2020

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In my opinion, out of all the candidates that have applied since the applications re-opened again, you deserve becoming staff the most. Your application is easily the longest, most detailed and well written one in comparison to the ones that have been posted in the course of the last 12 hours. Your behaviour in game is excellent, you are serious and mature and none the less friendly to every player you encounter - no matter if he is a new clone trooper or a seasoned veteran. From the few interactions I had with you, all of them were positive. Other than that, over the 7 weeks of playtime that you have amassed, I am certain that you are well aware of the rule set and the overall handling of the server. Adding to that, you are active and reaches a high rank in a respected regiment that you built up. Have I mentioned the effort that was put into this application?
This is a top notch applicant who was delivered a product, that over exceeds all other applicants.


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